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Monday, May 4, 2015

The Second Journey Update

I had to go into the doctor this morning. I had a sonogram to check the lining of my uterus. The thickness is great right now. 8.3 mm!!! So, I'm all set to move forward with my transfer on next Wednesday. I'm still trying to turn it all over to God and not worry about any of it, but I find myself nervous about the thawing process. I just want my little embryos to thaw perfectly. I only have two left and I'd like to bring them both home in the form of healthy babies in 9 months. I'll stop the worrying.

I did get a follow-up call after I left the doctor's office about my estrogen levels. Apparently my levels are a little lower than my doctor likes, so I have to increase my estrogen patches. 

We haven't told Alyssa about this second journey. I just want to surprise her with the news when we get a positive test result. Hopefully, she'll be semi-happy, or at the very least not disappointed. I'm not sure she is ready to share her mommy with even more littles, but such is life when you have a young mom who has dreams of raising a tribe of wonderful people!

On the details of this whole journey. This time we aren't using our insurance. They've increased IVF benefits, but at the same decided that they would create a program  in which I would have to enroll and check in with their phone nurses every week, and also go one of only two facilities they deem "Centers of excellence" in my area. My doctor's office is not on that list and I wasn't willing to build a new relationship with a doctor who isn't familiar with me or my medical history, and have my frozens transferred to their office. I was so emotional and upset when I first found out about this new change. I mean, there should have been an exception for people who already had embryos frozen with someone else. I don't understand how they just didn't consider the actual human element to this decision.

Thank God the frozen process is much less expensive than the fresh cycle. 


Sunny said...

Saying a special prayer for you tonight.

Bliss said...

Thank you so much, Sunny!!! I really appreciate that :)