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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Smile Worthy

Some things that are making me smile these days:

I'm exactly two weeks away from our frozen embryo transfer. I'm super excited and ready to carry more life! 

I'm a part of a great group of moms on facebook. We're all friends of friends of friends. One person started the group and others kept inviting moms they knew. We've since closed the group to new members because our dynamic so nice and we've started to share private things with each other. I'm so excited because in July we are going on a retreat together in the sweltering heat of Arizona. I can't wait to meet many of them in person!

Alyssa will be 17 on Saturday. I can believe it, but I kinda can't at the same time. She wants to do what she does every year - have dinner at the cheesecake factory. I've been over that place for years, but I keep going for her, lol.  I still haven't gotten her gift. I'm confused about what to get.

I've decided that we're getting a minivan. I have been delaying the purchase of new car for the past year. We don't have car notes, and I would love to keep it that way, but alas, a growing family requires more than our 4 door sedans can offer.We both adamantly said we would never, but now we are both eating our words. Well, just me...Mr. RFA is still team big SUV.  The thought of having to deal with 3 or possibly 4 car seats in a SUV gives me a headache. I just don't see how it's done conveniently. I'd rather be able to kind of get in the back to help everyone get buckled in, as opposed to having to stand outside and lean over. I had my heart set on the new Pathfinder, but now I'm slightly obsessed with the Honda Odessey and Toyota Sienna. I can't believe I'm going to be the lady with the minivan and a brood of young. Hahahaha...God has incredible plans!

I got my first consultant check from this temporary gig I'm doing. It's so sad, but extra money is one of the things I truly miss about working. It felt so great seeing that deposit in the account. I really wanted to do unspeakable things like go have lunch at Fogo de Chao, shop til I drop online and in store, and buy the three girls a new summer wardrobe. I didn't, though. I just let it sit there, lol. 

My Pastor recently started a series on the book of James. We are going through verse by verse as a church body. I love when the series are more like bible study. I also listen to my former California pastor, Paul Shepard, on podcast. He also recently started a series on the book of James (what are the chances). It's been a real treat to get two perspectives on the same book from two wonderful Pastors. I think this series is going to effect some great change in this season of my life!

What's making you smile right now?


Serenity_23 said...

My 2.5 yr old is making me smile these days. Watching him develop and figure out the world around him from his level is amazing. And that we have a family vacay planned for summer.

Bliss said...

Hi, Serenity!! I bet that handsome little guy does keep you smiling. How have you guys been? Where can I catch up on you?