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Monday, April 27, 2015

Getting Organized

With so much going on right now, I really feel unorganized. I feel like everything is closing in on me. I tried talking to Mr. RFA about this on Saturday, but he just told me it would be fine because it's all temporary. He told me to revel in my busy-ness because when I go back to only having a couple of things to do (home and kids) I'm going to complain about not doing enough. His words didn't exactly help, so I just thanked him for the encouragement and left it alone.

The first thing on my list is to get the house in order. I keep a tidy home, but I feel like clutter is slowly creeping in. I hate clutter, and I hate dirt. I'm starting by working through my closet. I'm going to do a wardrobe capsule. Basically, I'm taking EVERYTHING out of my closet and only putting back in the things that I can wear right now AND love 100%. My goals is to have 37 pieces (including: shirts, cardigans/blazers, skirts, pants, dresses, and shoes; not including: scarves, belts, hats, and other accessories). I know I don't have 37 pieces that I 100% love and can wear right now, so that means I will be shopping soon for some staple pieces.

I'm hoping this process will help me declutter and allow me to actually see that I do have clothes to wear. 

After I finish my closet, I'm going to move on to the Guest Room's closet. It has become a storage of sorts and I hate it. Every time someone comes over, I have to push everything to one side in hopes of giving them a sliver of space to hang their clothes. I'm just going to go ahead and get rid of the junk that's in there. We NEVER use it. 

Then it's on to Alyssa's closet and then the closet under the stairs. 

I will conquer this clutter, one room at a time!!!

Have any of you tried a wardrobe capsule? Any tips would be much appreciated. Any staple  pieces that must be apart of a grown-up wardrobe??

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