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Monday, October 7, 2013

Baby Bump News - 27 Weeks

I’ve been gone too long. It’s never my plan not to blog…it just happens. We’ve been a bunch of busy bees in my house. Between work, home renovations, and my Alyssa’s activities, it has been a whirlwind around these parts.  I’ll talk more about that later.

On to the babies!  They are growing so strong and healthy. We went in last week for a full anatomy scan (minus the gender reveal).  The doctor said everything looks great.  Baby  A is 1 pound and 14 ounces, while Baby B is 2 pounds and 3 ounces.  We were told that Baby A is a little below average in size at this point for a twin pregnancy and that Baby B is above average in size.  The doctor wasn’t very concerned…they will continue to monitor. The good thing is that we know no one is stealing nutrients from the other since they have their own placenta and umbilical cord.

Their current positions in the womb are so cute…they are facing each other right now, side by side. All sonograms up to now have shown them one on top of the other. I think they have discovered each other and are making plans to meet mommy, daddy, big sister, and their fur brother.

It really seems like the time is flying through this pregnancy.  I thought having found out so early that it would feel like a loooong pregnancy, but it’s been quite the opposite.  We have 10 weeks and 1 day until their delivery date.  That’s less than 3 months away…it’s really unbelievable.

I feel really blessed that this pregnancy has been so healthy and uneventful up to this point.  I went through some of the normal pregnancy symptoms in the first trimester, and I still battle fatigue many days, but I haven’t been in extreme pain and my comfort level has been bearable.   I think I was prepared for something more dramatic. I think people’s warnings had me worried for nothing.

The nursery is nowhere near being finished.  Both cribs have arrived courtesy of my Mother in law. The dresser has been assembled…by me! I found a cute large dresser at ikea and it’s lovely. The bookshelf has been moved into their room and now I just have to put the cribs together and my honey has to get to painting. I really wanted to be all involved in the nursery since my honey is doing a ton of home renovations himself. I can sit and put these things together with ease. I can’t wait to share pictures with you all.

Well, now that time is really, really winding down things are getting more real by the second. I have given my honey a deadline on all house projects. He must be finished by November 30th so that I can have those final couple of weeks with no hammering, banging, and other noise before I deliver on December 17th.  I told him we both need some calm before the beautiful, yet stormy times to come with newborns.

  • ·     27 weeks today!
  • ·         Leg cramps in the night – it’s always my right leg.
  • ·         Tons of movement. In the morning there is lots of movement up top (Baby B), in the afternoon there is lots of movement down low (Baby A), and at night they both move all about.
  • ·         Weight gain is up to 5 pounds. I’m still being told it’s not a big deal. 


Sunny said...

I was wondering what happened to you. Glad all is well. 10 weeks is no time at all. Wow, hoe very exciting for you.

LadyLee said...

Glory! Coming right along. I was just showing Grandma a picture of your embryos. She was O_o! LOL.

Hey Ma, email me. I need your information. I am 50% done with the 4th and final blanket, and my goal is to mail everything by November 1.

thanks :)

Sandra said...

Glad to hear you are all doing fine! Time is flying indeed!

Monique said...

Congratulations again and i continue to wish you a smooth pregnancy.

AMES said...

Wow! The time is flying. Continue to enjoy cooking your babies.