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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Gratitude and Praise

A lot has been going on over here. Work is busy, home is busy, but guess what?? Life is wonderful. Sometimes I have to literally stop and bask in my blessings. We closed on our new house yesterday. For a moment (a few days) we were both so tired from driving all over the metroplex to get Alyssa to practices, camps, and tryouts, work, etc. that we lost sight of how blessed we are. It didn’t take us long to put things back into perspective. We talked and understand that some people, people very close to us, are struggling right now. Some of them don’t know how they are going to pay rent or have gas to get to and fro. We were spending our energy griping about our energy levels, when not once did God not show up and show out on his blessings for us. We’ve added miles to both cars, but not once did we have to worry about if we’d have the money to buy gas to drive those miles. Not once did we have to worry about where we would live between closing on one house and moving into the other. Not once did we have to worry about whether Alyssa would eat well. It is so easy to get caught up in our privileged lives that when anything is different, breaks routine, or makes us uncomfortable we go straight for the gripe.  I hope that over the next week before we move into the new house that we remember what we remembered yesterday in that closing office…We are blessed. God shows our family much favor. Favor that we sometimes don’t deserve, so we better show gratitude and praise all the time. 

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ginae said...

"straight for the gripe". That sounds like it could be a title of a book or new phrase.....for example....

person 1: so how's your day going?
person 2: man I just want this day to be over with! I spilled coffee on my shirt, was late to work, got a flat, ugh!
person 2: but yet you got clothes to spill coffee on, got a job to go too, and the flat you got, is this the same car you were able to buy last month brand new? But yet instead of being grateful you decided to go "straight for the gripe" huh?

lol...see how that works?

I had a really blessed day last week that has me still scratching my head saying "did that really happen"?

I'm glad ya'll were able to see the blessing amist the chaos. (yes I said "ya'll" 'Retha! Lol