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Monday, July 22, 2013

In Other House News...

We have found our next home! I love it! Early on, before our search started, I think I mentioned here that we both loved the older homes in our current city. The neighborhoods are charming with large trees and the houses have character as opposed to the abundance of new cookie cutter homes popping up everywhere now.  Then we changed our minds because we are worried about resale in 5 to 10 years – Will someone else want to buy an even older home by that point?

Well, in the end our initial desires won the day. We didn’t do it on purpose, but we are drawn to what we like. Alyssa and Mr. RFA went out last Wednesday and looked at 11 houses. By the time I got off from work, they had their top 3, so the realtor took us all back out to see them. I hated the first one. The only great feature was that the backyard was backed up on a greenbelt.

The second house made me literally scream with joy. I loved it. It was in a gated community, had an awesome kitchen, a separate office, both formals, and nice sized secondary rooms. The game room was tiny, which took some wind from my sails. As I was overjoyed, Alyssa and Mr. RFA didn’t look extremely impressed. I thought they were either trying to psych me out or the third house must have been spectacular.

We got to the third house, which is literally around the corner from the second house in another neighborhood.  Just driving through the neighborhood made me feel warm and fuzzy.  I loved how all the other houses looked and the beautiful trees, lakes and landscaping. When we got to the house it was on a corner lot at the start of a culdesac with a swing driveway. I was in love. We walked in and the staircase in all its spiral glory took my breath away. I was bounced back down for a second as I noticed the tiled floor entry – I hated that. Both formals and the living room had hardwoods, though and that made me happy. The entry way was two stories and really welcomed us into the space. As I walked into the kitchen, I loved the cabinets, but hated the white appliances. And there is a butler’s pantry…that made me so happy.
Walking through the back of the downstairs there was a bathroom and the office. The office has beautiful hardwoods as well. Before going upstairs we walked to the back yard, which has a deck and is very quaint, just the way we both wanted it. We aren’t one of those families that needs or wants a big yard…just enough space is good for us.

Walking up the stairs was great. It was so spacious up there. The game room is huge (just what I wanted). There is a guest bedroom on one side of the upstairs by itself with a common area bathroom.
On the other side of the upstairs is the Master, which has double doors to enter…ahhh…I was like a giddy school girl. I kept opening and closing them, lol. The master is very big with a balcony (swoon).  And that master bath and closet is crazy. They are almost too big, but I know we’ll use all of the space.
Just when I thought the upstairs was stopping, there was a long hallway. We made it to another bedroom which was being used as a nursery. It was a great size, but not too big. My favorite thing about it was the jack and jill bathroom that connected it with the other bedroom. I’ve always loved the jack and jill bathrooms. That’s when we came to a big bedroom. It has its own little hallway as well. At that point, Alyssa just beamed with happiness. All she wants is a big room.

I couldn’t believe how spacious the house was. Nothing was cramped, there was plenty of storage spaces and closets, and there is definitely enough space for 5 people and a dog.

Mr. RFA and Alyssa kept asking if I liked it better than house two because they were in love with it. They both just couldn’t contain their smiles. House two is a great house, but overall the additional space from house three, the neighborhood, the gameroom, the master, the size of the secondary bedrooms, and most of all the looks on my loves’ faces confirmed that house three was the right house for our family.

We were ready to make an offer right there. The blessing is that we were willing and thought we would have to spend a certain budget to get what we wanted, but just a week before we saw the house, the sellers dropped the price $19,900. We went in asking for another $5k less and they accepted. We looked at comps in the neighborhood and had the sellers been more patient they could have definitely got their original list price before their decrease. The other houses for sale in the neighborhood that don’t even look as great as that home are selling for much higher. Our realtor told us the sellers were on a timeline and needed to move fast. And, when they bought the house a few years ago, the market was much lower, so they were making a great profit anyway. It is working out in everyone's favor.

Our closing is in a month!  Since last Wednesday, we have driven past the house several times just to admire it and make sure the neighborhood is awesome at all times of the day. We went into this thinking we’d be there for the next 5 or so years and then sell, but the more I look at the house online the more I believe it’s going to be a very long term house for us. It’s one that we can put our mark on and make some wonderful memories in. I told Mr. RFA that last night and he said he was thinking the same thing. 

Today is inspection day, so we are praying all goes well and there are no problems!


Serenity3-0 said...

Congratulations! The description makes me feel like I'm walking through the house with you lol.

AMES said...

Yaaay! It is great to love a house and be able to buy it.

LadyLee said...


Congrats on the new home!

Sandra said...

Congrats on the new home!