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Monday, July 29, 2013

Baby Bump News - Week 17

I haven’t given baby bump news in a while. Well, there is definitely a visible bump now, though it’s not huge. It looks more fat than bumpish, but it’s there. My honey loves touching it with both hands and saying yay, lol. I remember when we first met; he was amazed at how and how much I said the word yay. Now he does the very same thing. The expression of joy is quite contagious.

Anyhow, today marks 17 weeks. We had our last doctor’s visit on Friday and both babies were progressing right on target. Baby A was asleep when we started the ultrasound (I call her the girl). She was just laying there looking so peaceful. Her heartbeat was 147 bpm and she is weighing in at 5 ounces. We focused on her for a while, looking at her cute feet, head, spine, etc. Next, we moved on to Baby B (I call him the boy). He was fully awake and in full on play mode. He was moving all around. I still can’t believe they wiggle and jiggle that much and we can actually see it on the ultrasound. He was a ball of energy. He made me laugh.  His heart beat was 154 bpm and he weighs 6 ounces.  I was assured the difference in weight was nothing to be alarmed about. That it seems significant now, but once they get into the pounds, an ounce or a few won’t be a big deal. 

When the tech first started moving the wand around my belly, she asked if we were excited to find out the genders. We both, in a panic, warned her that we didn't want to find out. I didn't think to say anything from the start because I thought it would be too early to tell. She spent about 10 full minutes trying to convince us to find out. After 30 seconds it was annoying. She went so far as to tell us that in all her years of doing this, she knows that not knowing the gender is not some great surprise…the great surprise, she says, is in seeing their face, fingers and toes. I wanted to slap her.

Lastly, she told us to hurry and look away. Apparently the babies didn't agree with us waiting either because Baby B kept his legs open and Baby A decided to wake up and join the fun…she spread her wide open too.  I looked away and my husband turned his whole body around.

After we finished the ultrasound and waited for the doctor, we picked apart everything she said trying to figure out if she gave away what we are having.  I immediately thought one of them must be a boy because she had a lot of urgency in her voice for us not to look at one  point. I figured she thought we’d be able to see something peaking at us, lol. 

This last doctor’s visit and our talking about gender revealed to me and my husband that he really wants a daughter. We both have wanted one of each, but he really, really wants a little girl. At one point he was afraid of having two twin daughters, but I think he would actually love that. He has thoughts of spoiling her to pieces and being her hero. It’s cute the way he talks about our little Baby A.

Time will tell if we have one, two or no baby girls.

My symptoms have calmed down for the most part. I am having some round ligament pain and back aching, but it’s not anything unbearable at this point. Thank God for a symptom reprieve!

I was driving last week and swore I felt something. I talked myself out of it because surely I thought it was too early to feel movement. Well, my doctor asked if I had felt anything, so I told her the story. She said that movements are usually felt earlier in second pregnancies and with multiples. She told me it would be sporadic to start and then in a month I’ll probably feel them all the time. Since then I have felt more sporadic movements…it’s so cool!

My doctor warned me that bed rest is common for a twin pregnancies, so she urged me to finish up my registry and choose everything I want for the nursery, so that if I can’t go shopping when the time comes, someone else would know exactly what to get. She also urged me to go ahead and do my hospital tours and pre-register. This all seems so early, but I’m following her orders.

Guess what else??  We have an official delivery date (unless the babies choose something earlier) – December 17, 2013!!

The funny thing is that I started my online registry weeks ago and I had to choose a due date…I chose the 17th. How cool is that. I’m excited that they will be here in time for Christmas, so our family will all be here for the holidays. 20 weeks and 1 day to go!!!


Sasha said...

I'm so excited for you!!!

LadyLee said...

Cool! December will be here before you know it!

(Give me that tech's phone number. I want to know the sex of the babies!)


Sandra said...

Wow so exciting!! :)