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Monday, June 17, 2013

The Big Reveal!

I had a fantastic weekend.  All of my weekends are fantastic, though. It’s something about spending time doing exactly what you want to do. 
This weekend was so fantastic because we got to surprise our parents with pregnancy news and my MIL is in town.
On Thursday everyone came over to our house thinking we were only going out to dinner since my MIL and SIL and her husband were in town. We had been telling them that Mr. RFA was taking a photography/video class for fun and he had to do a project. We wanted them to see it before we left. Like most rooms full of people, they couldn’t manage to shut up and pay attention. At one point I had to yell and ask everyone to please pay attention. I told them that Mr. RFA worked long and hard on his project and they needed to be more mindful.  Everyone thought I was being the protective wife, so they obliged.
Finally we began the video and they watched and then became so super excited. We had to ask them to sit back down because the video wasn’t quite over. My mom was so excited that she waved her hand at me so hard her gigantic ring flew off her hand and onto the side of my face. Ouch.
They were so happy, which made us so happy.  Everyone flocked to me and Mr. RFA had to ask someone to hug him, lol.  I told him not to worry. They only love me now because I’m the carrier, but when the kids arrive, they won’t be thinking about either of us.
All weekend, my MIL catered to me. I kept asking her to stop, but she demanded. She didn’t want me to lift a finger. Anytime I yawned, she suggested I go lay down to get rest. It was funny.
After watching the video, Mr. RFA surprised all of us, even me, with a second video he made.  It made me cry like a baby. He documented some of the milestones of the journey.  When I took a home test because we couldn’t wait until the very next day for our blood test – praying before we went in to get my eggs retrieved – and ultrasounds!
Here are the youtube links:
Video of their reaction while watching our surprise video (It’s video in video, so try to watch both at the same time):
Surprise video without their reaction (in case it’s hard to see both):
Video of the beginning of the journey:
So, now that everyone knows we can breathe easy and stop with the whispering and secrets.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations again! I loved the journey video the most..


AMES said...

Yaaay! You guys know how to make an announcement.

LadyLee said...

Maannnnn... that was FUNNY!!!! I have watched it a few times. I'm STILL laughing! What a wonderful way to announce the moment!

You gonna have to let me repost that over at my spot... PLEASE!!

Bliss said...

I got a kick out if their surprise and joy. You may post away!!

Sandra said...

Aww, I love the videos especially the last one!

Sunny said...

Y'all are just too cute. Your family's reactions was priceless.