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Monday, June 10, 2013

Selling and Buying

Our house went on the market on Friday afternoon and we’ve already had 5 showings, more are scheduled for today, including a repeat visit. Hopefully that means they want to put in an offer. Homes in our neighborhood have been selling in a matter of days.  I hope we are one of those lucky families that sells in days. And, I hope we get our full asking price. I was so excited when the realtor came by and looked at the house and came out with a number $4900 higher than what I thought we could list at.  I feel so blessed that I picked a great home.  The value has increased $40k in just 3 years. Excited!

We went out on Saturday and looked at a few houses that we thought we were interested in. Turns out we didn’t like them as much in person.  I think we are both being extremely picky and may need to reassess some things.  On one hand, I understand why we are being so over the top with our requirements. Houses are a major purchase, and for the price point we are looking in, we expect certain things. However, there is no perfect house, and we need to stay level headed and remember that. 

Some things I feel like are must haves for me:
Wonderful neighborhood (well-maintained, increasing property values, majority owner occupied – few renters)
Two story entrance
High ceilings downstairs
Separate study/office
Formal dining
Game and media room (some houses have one or the other)
4 or 5 bedrooms (5 if there is only a game room)
Master bedroom and a second bedroom downstairs (some houses only have master down)
High end countertops and kitchen appliances
Backyard porch with covering
Rear or side garage entry (I don’t like garages on the front of the house)
Harwood floors and tile downstairs
Sink in Laundry Room
Walk-in closets in all rooms (that’s not hard to find)
Plenty of storage space. (I didn’t consider that in my first home…big mistake)
Curved staircase with iron and wood bars
Toilet closet in bathroom (my husband seems to want to use the bathroom every time I’m getting ready…I don’t want to see it, lol.)

Things my husband feels like he needs:
Good neighborhood
Park within ½ mile walking distance. (We have a park down our block and he has grown to expect that)
Side or front garage entry (notice we are split on this. He doesn’t like rear entry and I don’t like front, but we both like side)
Curved staircase
Study/office downstairs
Separate vanities in bathroom (he doesn’t even want to share bathroom counter space…the nerve)
Large shower in master
Grand entrance
Game and media room (he envisions the media room being his man cave, I see it as the media room for all to enjoy)
Upgrades throughout the house (crown molding in every room, fixtures, etc.)
Medium to small yard (he doesn’t want the maintenance, and because he wants to live near a park he doesn’t think the dog or kids need a big yard)

Alyssa’s wants:
A “big” room (big is something bigger than what she has now.

Of the three of us, she has the least needs.  That’s a good thing since she’s not spending any money, lol.
I think our desires are reasonable, but we may need to bend a little. I’ve already said that if the house has everything I need and the garage placement is my only hang up, I will bend.  He’s said the same thing.
Housing hunting wasn’t this difficult when either one of us was shopping for our first homes. We both new they wouldn’t be our forever homes, so I think we made sure neighborhoods were good and it was easy sailing from there.

I really hope we can find a house as soon as a contract is placed on ours. That way we can maybe close within days of each other and not have to move into temporary housing before moving into our home. One move is better than two.

It's exciting to be living these next steps with my family!


LadyLee said...

Goodness... can you adopt me?

I hope you find the the home you're looking for!

AMES said...

Living near a park is a great idea. We did not purposely move near a park but it made life wonderful. I met people and my kids met kids.