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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My High School Baby

My baby is in her final week of her freshman year of high school. It has gone by quickly and relatively painless.  I’m so proud of the way she adjusted to her surroundings and the new pressures that high school brings. She has been faced with some friendship decisions.  She would ask my opinion on things and I would never tell her what to do, just give her my thoughts.  Thankfully she has made some great decisions, and saw so after things came to light. Her grades have remained consistently good. For a minute there I thought she was going to let Biology beat her, but she gave it all she had and ended up victorious.

I don’t have much to complain about regarding her as a highschooler, other than the fact that she wants to do a lot of hanging out at the mall. I allow it once a month, which I think is reasonable.  She is still suffering from selective hearing at home, but we are consistent in laying down the law.  As a result of her selective hearing/forgetfulness she spent almost an entire two months on punishment and without a cellphone.  As you can imagine, we were mean, evil parents in her mind. Ah well…

She already has decided to keep herself rather busy this summer. She’ll take strength and conditioning again four days a week. She is afraid of “getting fat.”  Her words, not mine. She is also heading to Austin for overnight volleyball camp. I’m excited for her to stay on a campus and get that whole experience. Next year I’m going to find her a program that will put her on campus for a couple of weeks.  She’s also going to Florida this summer. She didn’t go last year because she wanted to help with all the wedding stuff, and now her and her dad are demanding that she go this year.  I’m totally fine with that, but I’m limiting it to three weeks max. I’m so selfish, but I miss her terribly when she is gone AND they just don’t require things of her the way I do. I know that typically part time dads hate doing the “dirty work” when the kids are around and that summers are meant for fun and some laziness, but I don’t like seeing her waste time in huge quantities.

Her life has changed so much recently. She has had a stepdad for 10 months, navigated the workings of high school, one year closer to driving, and she is currently expecting three siblings. Her dad called me back in February, as soon as he found out, and told me that his girlfriend was pregnant. I’m over the moon excited for him because he has wanted another child for a long time. I just wish he had been married…we have a 15 year old daughter and I think it sets a terrible example for her, but such is life. I took the opportunity to tell her that babies are special, but they are so special that God wants you to wait to create them in marriage.  I added some other stuff, too, like I’ll kill you on the spot if you come here pregnant…just kidding (not really).  She was happy for the news, but not super excited because she and the baby will live so far apart and she knows she likely won’t see her often.  She is extremely excited about her twin siblings coming. Although I told her not to tell anyone yet, she has told all of her friends.    Her only hang up is that it will be double crying in the middle of the night while she’s trying to sleep. Selfish, I tell ya.  She has already put in her request that her bedroom in the new house not be near the babies’ nursery.  I’ll try to honor that.  She continues to ask both her dad and me why we had to wait until she was 15 to have other kids after she’s been asking for them for years.  She feels some kind of way that she’s going to be 30 when they are 15. In her mind, she’s going to be too old for them to like her.  I told her they will likely adore and worship her because she’ll be their cool, older sister.

She is also embracing her natural hair more and more. She has her own regime going and her hair always looks so cute. I wish I had her hair motivation right now. 

All in all, she is great.  She is such a young lady that sometimes I simply cannot believe it.


Sunny said...

Sounds like you did a great job raising your daughter.

Bliss said...

Time will tell, lol.

Anonymous said...

She sounds like a great teenager.
I'm a new reader from Florida.

Bliss said...

Hi, Sasha! Thanks for stopping by. I'm originally from Florida, though I have lived there since college. Where are you from?