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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Just A Little Bit...

My symptoms are not slowing down. I thought they were supposed to subside by now. On my drive home yesterday I began dry heaving and vomiting. Luckily I had an empty cup, but it was scary trying to drive on the freeway and vomit at the same time.  I didn't tell Mr. RFA because he would have been too concerned.


I have a pet bird outside of my office window. Ok, maybe pet is too strong a description. There is a little red bird that has visited me two day in a row to sing me beautiful songs.  How precious.  I remember my great Aunt Annie Lee (auntie annalee) had a pet bird the entire time I was growing up. When I was little I enjoyed walking up to his cage, but as I got older, he was just an annoying bird. It's funny how my little red friend sent me that memory.


I'm excited for he SCOTUS ruling on Doma and Prop 8, though the latter wasn't a real ruling. I think I'm more excited that it appeared that this decision really was grounded in law and not ideology. I'm still saddened by yesterday's dismissal of Section 4 of the VRA. Something must be done about that, but I'm not optimistic with the current congress.


We get to see the babies again today.  This time the doctor warned that she will also "check" me. Ugh, I remember those checks from 15 years ago, I hated them then and I'm sure I'll hate them now. But, anything to make sure the babies are doing great!


When I announced the pregnancy on FB I discovered that I have more twin mommy friends than I realized. Plenty of resources. One even told me some things, for myself, that I didn't need to buy because she would ship them to me. Yay!


We fired our realtor and have found a new one to put the house back on the market. The old realtor wasn't responding to us at all, and she was way too hands off. In addition to putting our house back on the market, we are also putting the apartment building on the market. I'm so excited because I hate the whole managing tenants headache that my husband goes through. Let's get these properties sold!


That's all I have today. What about you?

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LadyLee said...

Ugh... I hope those symptoms subside.

Things are moving right along, though!

Check my blog (Crochet post -06/2713). Your second, and part of your third, blanket is up :)