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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Baby Bump News - #3

Yesterday was our first Obstetrician interview.  We got to see the babies again. They have grown a lot since the 7 week sonogram. They are developing right on target and their heart beats are perfect. The sound made me so happy. Baby A’s heart rate is 166 beats per minute and Baby B’s heart rate is 187 beats per minute. The doctor said that was good for both.  Mr. RFA doesn’t like the terms Baby A and Baby B. In his mind there is a girl and a boy in there and they have names. Oddly enough one baby’s name starts with an A and the other with a B.  He has decided to give them a celebrity mashup name…you know like Brangelina (Brad and Angelina).  He has mashed up their names, and I think it’s too cute. 

We’ve decided not to find out the sex of the babies.  I’m excited about the surprise of it all, but now I can’t buy cute gender specific clothing…boo whoo.  Well, that just means I’ll get to do more shopping after they get here.  I have an idea of a gender neutral nursery, though. I’m going to keep looking for other ideas just to make sure I don’t have décor regret. 

Back to the OB interview.  Over the course of the past three years I’ve known some pregnant women. Three of those ladies didn’t know each other and all went to the same OB and had great things to say about her during their pregnancies.  So, I remembered and decided to put her on our list. She happened to be the first, and I think I’m going to stop with her. We both liked her very much. I didn’t feel rushed. She let me ask all the questions that a parent who hasn’t gone through this in 15 years would ask. She was patient, down to earth, and comforting.  No need to keep looking for exactly what we wanted to find in the first place.

I really wanted to explore the option of vbac.  My daughter was delivered vaginally, but because I’ve had two abdominal surgeries that were just like a c-section, I’m encouraged to deliver all my future children that way.  I had my daughter naturally without any drugs and I want all my children to be delivered that way. I want them to come into the world not via surgery, but the natural way of things.  However, because my last surgery will be less than two years removed from my due date, the doctor feels it’s just too risky. I’m kind of sad, but we didn’t come this far to take unnecessary risks either. So c-section it will be.  

The doctor told us that she wants to deliver between 36 and 38 weeks depending on how the pregnancy goes. That means they could be here anytime between December 9 and December 27; unless, of course, they decide to choose their own time.  I hope they can cook in there as long as possible. I want them to be strong and healthy when they make their grand entrance into the world. It’s amazing to me that they will be here this year. Wow! 

-Today I am 9 weeks and 3 days.  According to my internet research, the babies are the size of olives.
- Symptoms: I have hiccup episodes several times per day
- I’m tired, but less than I was last week
- I burp more than I like
- I have a constant headache…ALL DAY. Suprisingly I don’t have one right now…I hope that thing is gone.
- I pee through the night and then can’t return to sleep
- I’m a nail biter (nasty, I know), but I have lost the desire. That’s a great symptom.

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