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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Baby Bump News - #1

So, we’re still flying high off our baby news. Today I am 5 weeks and 2 days. Our first ultrasound is scheduled for May 24th.  I can’t wait to see who is living in there and how they are growing.  We’ve decided that if this pregnancy is a single baby we want to wait to find out the gender on his/her birth day.  If there are multiple, I still want to wait, but Mr. RFA wants to find out. So, I guess we’ll find out if there are multiples.  Oh yeah, we already went to the store and bought something. We were both excited and knew we would keep wanting to go purchase, so we agreed to buy two things and that’s it until further months into the pregnancy.

I’ve already started planning the nursery in my head AND on paper. I told Mr. RFA I want a $3,000 budget, which he thinks is too much, but I think could be too little.  Baby furniture is expensive. I can totally see myself getting out of control. Oh well!

I was hoping that a positive pregnancy result would mean an end to the drugs, but that’s not so. I’m still on Progesterone, though my last butt shot of that was last night and now I’m on vaginal progesterone inserts. Sorry if that was too graphic.  I’m still on estrogen patches, too. I don’t think I had mentioned I was on them. Ever since the egg retrieval I’ve had to wear 3 estrogen patches on my belly for three days and then switch them out. Because of all the suppression hormones, estrogen is necessary to get all my levels back to normal. Luckily, those are my only two drugs, but I’m just ready to be drug free, lol.  I believe I will get off both after the ultrasound.

Yesterday I called one of my friends who told me she was pregnant last month. She’s now 12 weeks with her second precious baby.  As soon as she answered the phone there was no hello, just “Are you pregnant?”  I was shocked and thrown off and just avoided the question without being obvious. She said she just wanted someone to be pregnBaby Bant with so they could experience all the symptoms she has. So, great thing is she is not suspicious. We’ve decided that if anyone asks about pregnancy (you’ll be surprised how often people ask) we’ll just say “There is not pregnancy news to report yet.”  That doesn’t admit we’re not expecting, it just says we aren’t ready to report the news. Loophole lying, lol.
I still have no noticeable symptoms except for tender breasts.  They hurt me especially in the night. I may have to start wearing a bra to bed.

I think that’s enough for now.

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AMES said...

When I was pregnant with my son and people asked, I would gasp and say, " are you calling me fat?"

All pregnancy questions would end. I have no idea why I was low key about it.