Growing, Learning, and Enjoying Every Part Of It.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Baby Bump News - #2 (Twice As Nice)

Friday was our first doctor's visit since getting our positive pregnancy news. The entire week leading up to the appointment we were both so excited and anxious. I started having fears that that my uterus was empty because I didn't feel like I was having any "real" pregnancy symptoms. I just wanted to see my uterus and be calm.

So....I went into the exam room, undressed and sat on the table waiting for the doctor and nurse. While I was doing that, my husband was in the corner with our camera and tripod setting things up like we were ready to film the production of a major movie. It was cute to watch him to excited to catch everything on video. 

Finally, the RE and nurse walked in.  He informed me that sometimes people have positive tests, but it isn't actually a pregnancy, so he wanted me to know there was a chance they wouldn't see a baby today.  He also warned me that because 2 embryos were transferred back into my uterus there was also a chance we would see two babies. And, lastly there was a chance only one made it through implantation, meaning we would only see one baby. I was fine with any of those scenarios except the first one. I just wanted to know.

Finally I was able to lay back on the table and the ultrasound began.  My husband was by my side, the doctor was moving the wand around, and we were all staring at the screen. He was moving around quickly, to me,  but I thought I saw something.  In the most nonchalant tone, my RE said, "Well, you have two viable pregnancies there."  I started laughing uncontrollably and my husband's mouth dropped wide open and he finally said, "Ooooh....Nooooo."  He was in absolute shock.  Then he cried. I'm usually the bag of water, but I was too giddy to form tears. I couldn't stop laughing. It was so strange.

The doctor showed us the heart beats, measured them and all is well.  They are healthy little jelly beans sticking in mommy's uterus.  We also got several photos of them. One of them together and then a few each of them separately. I'll have to post them later. 

Honestly, I felt like there were two of them from the time of our embryo transfer. I would talk to them and tell them to help each other implant. Every morning I would awake and say, "Hi, babies!"  I had been telling Mr. RFA that two were in there, but he kept telling me not to think that way because he didn't want me to be disappointed if there was one. No matter how many there would have been, there is no way I could feel disappointment with any number of lives inside of me. 

Needless to say, this has been an awesome weekend filled with conversations how life will be with a teenager and infant twins. I'm so excited to enjoy every minute of this pregnancy and to meet them soon.


- Today I am exactly 8 weeks pregnant
- Expected due date is January 5th, but my RE believes because there are twins I will deliver closer to the middle of December.
- I have been released from my RE and now all my visits will be with an obgyn.
- I no longer have to wear estrogen patches.
- I'm off of vaginal progesterone and now on oral.
- I have started to have symptoms of extreme fatigue and morning sickness.
- Drinking water makes me puke (what is that about??)

We both know that two babies will be a handful...times two, lol. However, we are too excited to be afraid. 

Our next step is to see the OBGYN in the next two weeks.  

Life is good and God is better!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Bringing Firm to Flexibility

Over the past week, Mr. RFA and I have had some great conversations about how we want life to look over the next three years. We’ve had this conversation in general terms a few times, and each time we mutually agreed to remain open and flexibility on what we do.  We even said on a couple of issues that we would prefer to make the decision as certain situations arose. (We've both always taken that approach, even when we were single.  It works great when you only have you to consider, but we've learned that we are both better when we are firm on decisions in our marriage.) This time, some of those situations are staring us in the face, and on others we’ve just decided it’s time to put pen to paper and remain firm with our family vision.

As a result, we’ve made two major decisions.

1.    We are going to buy a new home and remain in Texas for at least the next 5 years. Now that we have settled that, we can both stop thinking about the east coast with lust in our eyes (lol). At least for now.  

We went to the bank yesterday and got our pre-qualification approval for the loan (by the way, rates are great right now, in case you’re looking).  This weekend we have 2 Realtors coming by the house to look around and we’ll determine which we want to hire to put our house on the market.  We’ve already worked on our must have and nice-to-have lists, and determined the 3 cities in which we would be willing to live (Plano, McKinney, Frisco).  We currently live in one of these cities and I like it the most; it’s full of character and charm, and it’s the number 2 best place to live in the Country (smiley face). I am open to trying the other two, though. I really feel like that area, including Allen is the best place to live in the metroplex…I just love it. We’ve also started actually looking for a new place.  We just need a buyer’s agent now, so we can get in these houses and really look around. I’m really hoping we get through this entire selling/buying process by September. That’s not much time, but I know first-hand that it is doable! 

2.    After the baby(ies) is/are born I will stay home with them full time. If you had asked me if I would ever be a stay at home mommy two years ago, I would have said no. As we started talking about starting our family the thought of being with my kids full time became more and more appealing. And now that it will be a reality, I don’t want to think about someone else being with my kids more than me. I remember when Mr. RFA first told me he knew I was his wife, we began talking about our philosophy on life issues. Parenting and caring for kids was one of those topics of discussion, of course. He had always pictured his wife home with his children, but I had always pictured a power couple with two great careers. I thought my kids would be daycare, nanny or grandmother cared for kids.  I’m so excited that my thought process on this issue has transformed. I look forward to being there for everything and not having to worry about work deadlines or school deadlines, both of which I had to be concerned about while raising Alyssa.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Lazy Hair

My hair has experienced some tragic times over the past month. I’ve been straightening it every other week, moisturizing has become a thought instead of an action, and frizz has nearly replaced all curls. I’m not motivated to do anything to my hair other than wash it, straighten it, and occasionally twist it at night only so I don’t have to deal with the uncertainty of a wash and go.

I don’t know exactly when or why I suddenly became so disinterested in my hair.  I’m trying to renew my interest. I’m trying to find new products, but I actually hate doing hair related research. The sadder part, though, is that I hate going to the salon, too, so I can’t even do that in order to avoid finding remedies on my own. 

Maybe this is laziness; I’m sure that has something to do with it. Maybe it’s because I’m sick of my hair in its natural state; Yep, that definitely plays a role. I have been saying this for years, and it still rings true…I need a hair change…a dramatic one. I’ve given much thought to a shorter cut and a relaxer.  Now that I’m pregnant, a relaxer is out of the question, but maybe now is the perfect time for a shorter cut. But, I don’t particularly like the short curly look on me.   Maybe I’ll cut it short and straighten it once a week.

Sigh…I just don’t know.

Since I don’t feel like doing any hair research, here are some questions I have.  Answer if you can.

1.       What’s a great “all-day” moisturizer for thick, medium tight curly hair in a slightly humid climate?

2.       What’s a good scalp treatment ?

3.       What’s a good hair stretching technique that doesn’t involve twists, braids, or much work at all?

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Unintended Griping

I think I’ve found an apartment that will allow us to keep the house, live in it on the weekends, and stay in my work city 4 nights a week.  I haven’t actually seen the apartment yet, but I’m going to drive by and check it out today. I told Mr. RFA of the monthly price and the fact that we could get it for a month to month, and he said, Yes!  

But, the more I think about living in two places and the double bills and double resources, the more I want to slap myself not thinking things all the way through. 
I can honestly admit that I made a decision based on unhappiness, sure I considered the facts of my commute, but I was overwhelmingly looking to abate the unhappiness of my previous employment. 

I think I looked at number of miles more than I looked at traffic and time it would take to travel those miles. My travel time to work has always been reasonable. Now I have to wonder why I waited to be 30 plus before deciding not to take travel into consideration.
The schedule I imposed is making things better, but still the quality of family time is suffering. 

I think about what will happen if we don’t get a place in my work city…am I really going to want to drive 1.5 hours with an 8 month sized pregnant belly? Um, probably not.   Let me take that back, absolutely not.

Now for the part that I am even more embarrassed to discuss. I have concerns and complaints about my current workplace already. The culture is so toxic that it makes me sad. People don’t trust their colleagues, and there is backstabbing and rumors going on at every turn. Oh, the stories I wish I could tell from my first few weeks.  I do think I was able to help mend one broken relationship that was negatively impacting a particular division.  The even more unfortunate part is that some of this stems from the top of the organization. I’m used to rumors and other foolery (some level of that is in every workplace), but I’m not used to seeing it at the top.

The other part is that before my last place of employment, I never had issues of not liking going into work (except for my stint working at walmart in college – I would get a headache every time I walked through the door and it didn’t subside until I was in my car to leave.  That was the first and only time I had physical reactions to stress.).  When I first started experiencing it at the past place, it hurt me before it angered me. I was so na├»ve as to think I should always love my places of employment if I loved my career. Not so. 

Earlier I mentioned the word embarrassed. I’m embarrassed to talk about it because it makes me feel like maybe I didn’t make the best decision in taking the position.  I feel like I did, but then I question it.  I’m definitely glad I decided to leave my previous employment, but I’m wondering if I moved on in the right direction.  At any rate, I’m here for a reason, and I’m going to stay positive and try to bring others to the positive side with me.

As I reread this, I realize it sounds like a griping post, but really I’m not trying to gripe.  I’m just trying to document the current issues I’m thinking about to see just how I can find the good parts and turn this thing around.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Baby Bump News - #1

So, we’re still flying high off our baby news. Today I am 5 weeks and 2 days. Our first ultrasound is scheduled for May 24th.  I can’t wait to see who is living in there and how they are growing.  We’ve decided that if this pregnancy is a single baby we want to wait to find out the gender on his/her birth day.  If there are multiple, I still want to wait, but Mr. RFA wants to find out. So, I guess we’ll find out if there are multiples.  Oh yeah, we already went to the store and bought something. We were both excited and knew we would keep wanting to go purchase, so we agreed to buy two things and that’s it until further months into the pregnancy.

I’ve already started planning the nursery in my head AND on paper. I told Mr. RFA I want a $3,000 budget, which he thinks is too much, but I think could be too little.  Baby furniture is expensive. I can totally see myself getting out of control. Oh well!

I was hoping that a positive pregnancy result would mean an end to the drugs, but that’s not so. I’m still on Progesterone, though my last butt shot of that was last night and now I’m on vaginal progesterone inserts. Sorry if that was too graphic.  I’m still on estrogen patches, too. I don’t think I had mentioned I was on them. Ever since the egg retrieval I’ve had to wear 3 estrogen patches on my belly for three days and then switch them out. Because of all the suppression hormones, estrogen is necessary to get all my levels back to normal. Luckily, those are my only two drugs, but I’m just ready to be drug free, lol.  I believe I will get off both after the ultrasound.

Yesterday I called one of my friends who told me she was pregnant last month. She’s now 12 weeks with her second precious baby.  As soon as she answered the phone there was no hello, just “Are you pregnant?”  I was shocked and thrown off and just avoided the question without being obvious. She said she just wanted someone to be pregnBaby Bant with so they could experience all the symptoms she has. So, great thing is she is not suspicious. We’ve decided that if anyone asks about pregnancy (you’ll be surprised how often people ask) we’ll just say “There is not pregnancy news to report yet.”  That doesn’t admit we’re not expecting, it just says we aren’t ready to report the news. Loophole lying, lol.
I still have no noticeable symptoms except for tender breasts.  They hurt me especially in the night. I may have to start wearing a bra to bed.

I think that’s enough for now.