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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

TTC Tuesdays - Week 28

Fun times in TTC world this past week!

Last time I left off talking about my egg count. To recap, I had 33 follicles and of those 12 eggs were actually present.  So that takes me to my phone call on Tuesday about how the 12 fertilized overnight...
The embryologist called around 9:30am and told me that he checked in on all 12 embryos and 9 of them had fertilized. He said one wasn't mature enough and the other two weren't viable. At that point, he was happy with the way the 9 of them looked, so he said we would be scheduled for a 5 day transfer. That's exactly what I wanted to hear!   He also let me know that he wouldn't disturb the embryos again until Thursday at which point he would call to give me another update on their progress.
In the meantime, since the retrieval I started new medications - Medrol (a pill), Z-pack (antibiotics), and Progesterone in oil (injected into my butt muscle).  The Progesterone is injected with a long needle, but thank goodness Mr. RFA does a great job giving them to me so that past the initial sting, I can't feel a thing. 
Nothing new. I took my normal medications.
I got the call on Thursday morning about the status of my embryos. The embryologist informed that on day 3 a good embryo will have 6 to 8 cells. I had 8 embryos with 8 cells and 1 with 2 cells.  So, if you're keeping up, we now have 8 good embryos for potential transfer on Saturday.  I was so excited. He told me again that he wouldn't disturb them again until the morning of the transfer on Saturday. It wouldn't be until that day that we would learn exactly how many embryos were viable for transfer.
Nothing new. I couldn't really sleep, though. I was a ball of excitement. The thought of having life inside of me the next day was amazing.
We woke up on Saturday at 6am. I showered and got dressed, not putting on jewelry (including my wedding rings), deoderant, lotions, perfumes, contacts...really just clothes. We both had to do that. embryos are senstive to fumes we were told.
We left the house at 6:45am and stopped to grab a breakfast sandwich before getting to the hospital.  The entire time we were driving I was sipping on water to fill my bladder. The procedure is ultrasound guided, so a full bladder was necessary.
When we arrived, I changed into my hospital gown, got weighed, and waited. I was a happy giddy somebody!!  About 30 minutes later the embryologist came in to give us our embryo update.  He handed us a picture of the best two - the ones that would be transfered.  I couldn't stop smiling looking at it. My husband was amazed by the science of it all, and I was just in a happy la-la land.
(Aren't they precious, lol)
Before long, my husband had to change into a hazmat type suit and we were off to the operating room.
Here is some tmi - during the procedure my bladder so full that while my doctor was pushing down with the ultrasound gear to find my uterine cavity I felt like I was going to go right there on the table. He could see that I was a bit too full, so he ended up putting a catheter in and "emptying my bladder."  I was so grossed out, but it felt like sweet relief, lol.
Anyway...after about 20 minutes he had a view of my uterine cavity that he as happy with and he had inserted the needles all the way in at the position necessary. The embryologist walked in with the two embryos, and BAM...they were in!
I was wheeled to recovery where I had to lay for 30 minutes before I could finally go to the bathroom.  Then, it was time to go home for 3 1/2 days of bed rest.
So, here I sit, on my last day of bed rest.  I'm praying that both of our little embryos stick and grow.  This is such an exciting time!!  I'm hoping not to drive myself crazy over the next 6 days prior to the first pregnancy test.
For all you praying people, pray for my little embryos to find a great spot in mommy's uterus to plant themselves and grow strong.


Sherri said...

The PIO shots were the worst to me. My dr said I didn't need bedrest, but I spent 2 days there anyway. :)

Good fortune to you!

Sandra said...

Prayers said!

LadyLee said...

Wow. Pictures of the embryos. That is rare. I would frame that if I were you. Heck, i might print it out and stick it on my fridge. Wow.

Thank goodness I get paid on Monday. Time to get out and buy more yarn!