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Thursday, April 4, 2013

TTC Tuesdays - Week 25

Since I'm behind on my TTC documentation, I decided to post on a Today despite it being Thursday.

Today is CD 25, but I don't think that really matters since I'm on a medication induced schedule for things.

Let me catch you up on what's happened since I last updated:

- We got our humongous box of medication from the mail order company. We were trying to guess what the cost would be, and we were hoping to stay at or below $1500. Well we ended up paying only $517. Yep, God is so very good!

- I finished my birth control.  I had to take it for a total of 20 days instead of the 21 I was initially told. My RE changed it by one day to try in make me fit into a specific schedule for the hospital that will do my retrieval and transfer.

- I began Lupron and tonight's injection will be Day 9. The needles aren't as bad as I thought they would be, but I still have minor anxiety every time I have to give myself the shot.  And, there is a slight burning sensation after each injection for about 20 minutes. It makes me want to scratch my belly off.

- All of Mr. RFA's blood work came back great.  Mine came back good for the most part.  The two exceptions, I have low iron and low vitamin D levels. I wasn't shocked by the iron, I have heard that sporadically from doctor's since I've been an adult. Although, I try to stay away from dairy (except ice cream, lol) I was shocked that my D levels were down. I thought for sure I got that vitamin somewhere else in my diet.  So now I'm on both iron and Vitamin D supplements, along with a prenatal.

- My honey went and gave his emergency sample - this is done in case something happens to him on the day of the egg retrievals that would prevent him from giving a fresh sample.

- Tomorrow we have another Doctor's appointment for more blood work and sonogram. They want to test the effect of the Lupron and see how my follicles are developing. We also start a new medication tomorrow - one of the stimulation drugs.  I don't even know which one.

I've been reading up some more on side effects of the medications, but so far I don't feel like I've experienced any. I did have one day where I was a little irritated for no apparent reason. I'm not sure if that was one of the moodiness side effects or if it was just me.

All in all, it's been a pretty uneventful process thus far. I like it like that, though.

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Sunny said...

The thought of having to give myself needles gives me the heebee geebees. I know practise would make it easier but it still makes me squeamish. I'm glad you are getting the hang of it.
Uneventful is good news. I hope it continues this way; no side effects and a beautiful baby.