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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Time Crunch

This is my third week at my new job, in my new position.  It has taken me no time at all to realize that I need to modify my schedule and habits.  Not only are my days longer by the pure nature of my position, but I also have a commute now. I've been getting home between 7pm - 8pm.  Because I have to leave so early in the mornings, I try to get in bed by 9:30pm.  Do you see where this is going?  I have very limited time for and with my family.

I get home, head to the bathroom to get cleaned for the night, and then I talk to the daughter and Mr. RFA about their days while we eat (that is if they haven't already eaten without me). Before my food digests good, I'm in the bed.  It's only been 2 full weeks of that routine and I'm already tired of it. The dilemma, though, is that I enjoy my new position.

The fix? We will likely be moving in June so that I can be closer to work.  We've had a long discussion about this and because we love My daughter's school, Mr. RFA will drive her there every morning until she is 16 and can drive herself. It's not ideal because now she will have a commute, but it's the best we can manage to come up with at this point. 

I would like for us to rent a house when we move and in turn rent out our house.  Initially, Mr. RFA was opposed to renting, but I've convinced him that I think it makes the most sense. We are still not sure 100% sure we're staying in Texas after My daughter graduates high school, so I don't want to buy another house they we then have to try to sell in 3 years.

The other issue is that I'm not 100% I want to continue working (in the traditional sense) once I give birth (I'm speaking it over our lives!). If that's the case, I would rather us keep our house in our current city because I love my neighborhood and community.  Along that same line of thought, I've also tried to convince my husband that maybe we don't rent out our house, so that we can remain flexible. If there is a situation where the daughter has a late game or weekend events near our city we can just decide to stay at the main house for the night or weekend.  He thinks that is absolutely absurd and a waste of money. I do agree it's a waste of money, but I think it's a solid idea for a family that has commitments all over the metroplex.  For those that don't know the metroplex is a huge block of space. And, the distance between where I live and work is not a hop nor skip away.  However, I see the financial side of it, too. 

Ok, back to my point of this post. Until we do whatever it is we end up doing, I need to make a schedule for myself because right now I'm just a passerby in my home.  I feel like I've left my husband to be Mr. Mom.

I wake up at 5:20am, so I don't see that there is more time in the morning to get things done, which means I'm going to have to extend my bedtime to 10pm. I'm also going to establish a rule for myself that I leave the office in time to get home by 7:15pm unless there is a Council meeting. I'm going to force myself to stick to this rule.

I'm going to have to cut out all weekday television watching. It's almost all gone anyway, but it has to completely go. I get caught up and neglect things I could do to prepare for the next day.

I'm going to have to start cooking all dinners for the week on two nights (Sunday and Wednesday).  I don't cook on Saturdays, so this new schedule will cover things. 

The husband and daughter will handle cleaning laundry, and I'll spend 20 minutes at night getting the house tidy.

All my clothes for the week must be prepared on Sunday.

I have to remain open to staying up a little later for "adult time."  This hasn't been a problem, but I can see it creeping into my mind. 

I also need at least 20 minutes on the elliptical a night. My honey bunny got me one for the house. While on the elliptical I can get some leisure reading done.

I also think I'm going to start waking up at 5:00am (I just had this bright idea while typing).  I can spend that extra time getting some bible reading and writing done.

I think all of these things will help me get a better handle on things and stop the drowning feeling I'm currently experiencing. I really want to pack as many necessary things into weekdays, so our weekends can remain fun and carefree. 

I will say my husband has been great during this major schedule change for us. The man who hates to cook has been a cooking machine.  I'm going to rescue him before he remembers he hates it, lol.

I'm really optimistic about maximizing my time. Any other suggestions to help me, let me know.


Ginae said...

I left a reply yesterday and its gone...ugh! Durn Blogger! Oh you plan on keeping your wedding business going once you have your baby/babies?(speaking it into existence with you)

Bliss said...

Ginae - If I decide to become a SAHM I will definitely keep the business. That way I'll have something adult/work related to work my brain while home with my baby(ies). If I decide to remain a work from home Mom, then I'll definitely have to close it down.