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Sunday, April 14, 2013

From Generation To Generation

There are consistent things I pray about.  One of those things I pray about is that generational cursers be broken off my family. Specifically, I pray that my daughter will not become an unwed mother.  My mother was 14 when she had me and I was 17 when I got pregnant and gave birth to my daughter. I know things happen for a reason to each of us, but when I say those numbers out loud, or even think about them, I feel a twinge of something. Not shame, maybe it's still awe.

My family is one of women. It seems that most of us have girl children. This has been the case for the past 3 generations.  Almost all, except for 2 that I can think of, of the women in my mother's generation were unwed mothers.  All, except for 1, of the women in my generation were unwed mothers, the remainder - my sister and one cousin are neither married nor mothers. The same is true for my male cousins.

This pattern screams generational curse to me. It's one that I have monitored since I became a parent of a girl child. God knows I don't want her to repeat this unGodly pattern.  She loves the Lord and has a great head on her shoulders. We talk candidly about sex, emotions, consequences, physical feelings, drugs, the whole gammet. I appreciate her candor with me, and I hope she appreciates mine. She knows my expectations of her and she knows some of what God expects...she is growing into understanding it all.  She has made a verbal commitment to purity.  She's only a few weeks away from 15 years old, so I know verbal commitments can be shaken at this age. But, I am faithful that my God is answering my prayers to break this terrible curse from my family.

I don't know who in my ancestry did what, but I know that I don't want my child to suffer the consequences. So often I have done things in the past, and continue to do things that I know aren't right.  Every time I think about how I'm impacting my great great great granchildren and their children.  I also pray that they don't pay for my sins, but I know sometimes that happens. I try to let that thought guide my behavior when I stray from what I know is right.

Every Sunday when we get in the car fro the end of church services, I ask my daughter what they discussed in church and what she got from it. Today, they talked about generational curses. She went on and on about examples they gave at church.  Then she told me what came to mind about our family while she was listening to biblical examples. Sure enough, she thought about the enormous amount of unwed mothers. But, she went a step further and took it to the curse of premarital sex.  She went further and talked about the lack of marriages, with or without children.

She sees things, she brings it all together in her mind, and she determines if she likes the path or wants a better one.  She asks my opinion, and she talks about her feelings. I love all of that about her.

There are so many types of generational curses out there plaguing so many families. I trust and believe that prayer can break them down, and that doing the right things can avoid future ones.

I'm thankful that the teenagers talked about this in Church today. 


Unknown said...

It's great to see that she was able to discuss this and apply it to her own family. I was talking to Ladylee about breaking some curses that are in my family last week. This just confirmed what has been on my mind. I think it's important that we actually pay attention and recognize them b/c a lot of people never notice and just think things are just happening to them and that's not true. At any rate, thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

By the way that comment was from me.. Dont' know why it says Unknown lol.


AMES said...

I recently came across a note I took at church over 3 years ago. The pastor said when we fail to teach our kids about consequences we raise people who don't get to live by choice.

I agree that these realities can be altered with prayer and making right choices.

I work hard to make my kids understand that decisions they make have consequences and sometimes those consequences are not solved by an oops or an I'm sorry,

Unknown said...

(From LadyLee)

It is wonderful that your daughter is thinking about these things now at her age. We all know that most teens are not thinking about such important issues. And therein lies the problems.

We have all kinds of curses running through our family: divorce, hoarding, addictions... all kinds of things. I didn't understand all of that until I was much older.

But I confess daily that I am blessed. And those blessed by God can't be cursed. I am under grace now, not under the law and it's curses. It all stops with me. Period. That's my confession.

I know it weighs heavy on the mind, though. It is one of those subjects that arises when we are alone with our thoughts. Much of it stems from that lack of wisdom and direction at an early age Your daughter has some wisdom now, and good direction. I WISH I had a mother who would talk openly and candidly with me at such a young age. Would have saved me a lot of trouble. A lot.

@serenity23... I was wondering... who is this unknown person.

It does that when you are logged in under a gmail address that is not the one registered to your blog. You can still comment, but it comes in as "Unknown". Right now i am logged in under my oldgirlladylee gmail... different from the one on my blog.

Bliss said...

Serenity - It made my heart smile when she explained her thought process on this. She is a critical thinker and I'm thankful for that. About curses, it has been something that has weighed on me for years. I could see it, but wasn't smart enough to pray it off of myself for years. I think I was just sitting back in awe that an entire family can repeat the same detriments over and over.

Ames - I totally agree with that pastor. I'm constantly telling Alyssa about consequences, both good and bad. I point them out to her when things happen, so she understands how to recognize why something is happening most of the time.

I always tell Alyssa that depending on her decisions, there will come a day when I can't rescue her from the consequences, so she better be smart about things.

LadyLee - Yes, it does weigh heavy on the mind, but you are right about declaring that all curses will stop with me. Over the years, it took a while, I have learned to do that.

My family certainly has more plaguing us than unwed mothers, but that one hits so close to home for me. I am fully confident that it ended with me on my side of the tree.