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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

TTC Tuesdays - Week 22

We went to IVF orientation last Thursday.  It was a whirlwind of information.  Over the weekend we read through everything again and got a better handle on it all.

Leaving the orientation we were like two giddy kids. It's hard to believe that I could be carrying a baby or babies in the next 6 to 8 weeks.

Just to give you an idea of some of the things we have to do to prepare:
  • Take HIV and Hep tests (both of us)
  • Get started on low dose Birth Control
  • Counsel Screen (to see if I am a carrier of any genetic disorders)
  • Take antibiotics to rid our bodies of any bugs that may be trying to fester (both of us)
  • Injectable hormones (some through stomach others through muscle in hip) 
  • Stimulation hormones (produces more egg follicles for ovulation)
  • Every other day sonograms 
  • Semen Sample for freezing in case Mr. RFA is sick or unable to produce a sample on the day of the actual procedure.
That's not even the whole list, but you get the point. There will be much poking, prodding, and everything in between over the next month.

While explaining the process, the nurse had a moment where she said, and at the 8 week mark we will bring you in for your first ultrasound so we can see and hear the baby's heartbeat and to determine how many babies are in there. I think we both let out a collective "yay" at the sound of hearing our baby's(ies) heart beat. is CD2, which is now the start of the process. This afternoon I'm going in for my bloodwork, which will be tested for everything under the sun. Mr. RFA goes in for his blood work on Thursday.  I start birth control tomorrow morning and we both start our antibiotics on Friday.

At the orientation they gave us a sample calendar that lays out the entire process, including what medication to take on each day, whether or not I need to be in the office for an appointment that day, etc. Once my cycle came on I went ahead and filled out the calendar to fit us specifically.  It looks according to my calendar they will retrieve my eggs between April 17 - 19, and transfer two fertilized embryos into my uterus 5 days after.

We will take our first blood pregnancy test around May 4th to determine if the process worked.   Whew...I'm excited beyond belief.

Mr. RFA wants to start doing videos of our journey...I may post them here. excited!


LadyLee said...

*blink*blink* I had to read all of this twice just to take it all in!

Wow. That's a lot going on.

This is exciting!

And if I gotta crochet multiple blankets, don't make me no difference! Not one bit!

Sunny said...

I thought the process might be involved but I had not idea how much. Thanks for sharing.
April 17 will be here just now. ;)

Sandra said...

Hello I was just wondering why they put you on contraceptives, wouldn't that prevent you from getting pregnant? Also, do you mind sharing which meds you are taking? I am new to this and will soon start researching on IVF. I really appreciate that you are sharing your journey with us. I look forward to learning more from you. Thank you and baby dust you!

Bliss said...

LadyLee - Yes, it's alot, and I didn't even list the entire process.

Sunny - Thanks! I hope you are right and mid April is here in a flash :)

Sandra - Hi, thanks for stopping by and commenting. They put me on a contraceptive to balance out my hormone levels before injecting me with all that other stuff. I was confused by the use of BC as well. It seems so weird to spend all these months trying to conceive and then someone says, "take a bc." Good luck in your research. There is so much information out there that it is easy to get overloaded. If you don't have a reproductive endocronologist yet, find one and go talk to them about the process. You'll have to pay a consultation co-pay, but you can ask them as many questions as you want. Also, I'd say be leary of the "baby factories." I call the clinics that who almost exclusively do IVF.