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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Second in Command

I've been in my current work position for 3 years, 8 months and 1 day. I haven't been keeping daily count, but I thought it would be good to note just for today's post.

When I started, I loved the position, the people, and the work. Over time and changes, I have become increasingly more frustrated with this particular place of employement. I started forming my exit strategy around the 2 year mark. Because of the economy and other factors, I'm sure, there hasn't been much movement in the metroplex for some time now. Recently, however, a position did post. The CM of that city was fired two years ago and his Deputy CM was promoted.  From that point on I was stalking their city waiting for the Deputy position to open.  Finally...two years later it did, which brings me to now.

I was one of 110 to apply.  I made it to the first round which included a field of 8 applicants, and from there made it to the top 3, then the final applicant. Yes...I was offered the position.

Yesterday I had a long meeting the with CM where we discussed the down and dirty details of what is going in the City. She wanted to let me know that there are some serious issues there to make sure I was up for the challenge.

After the meeting, I felt great. Yes, there are operational issues, but I know I can get some things turned around and I feel like I can add value there.

I am so darn excited.

Soon after leaving yesterday's meeting I recieved a phone call with the verbal offer. Today I recieved the written offer. I countered with a couple things and they have already responded in agreement. 

I'm so excited to move to the next level of my career, and a new chapter of my "career life."

Years ago when I wrote out my "life timeline" it was around this age, 31/32, that I projected being here (in this position). Not only that, I've reached my six figure salary and perks goals as well.

It was humbling to get the offer.  I have all the confidence in the world in my professional abilities.  I know that I am good at what I do, and that I am qualified for this next position, but at times over the past year and a half, while working in a place where I felt unappreciated, I started to doubt myself.  Some days I felt like maybe I wasn't cut out for it, but that was just negativity peaking in.

On another note, if you don't believe in the power of praying and writing things down, you need to start believing. God is amazing, and like the old songs says, "He's an on-time God..."  Praying and writing in conjunction will reveal your faith and God's amazing glory to you.

I am keeping that in mind while remaining faithful in all areas of my life including, my relationship with my mother being healed, having babies, growing in my professional and personal interests, and being more obedient to God.

Wow...I'm so humbled to have been asked to be second in command, and I can't wait to help another community grow!


Ginae said...

okay i think something is wrong. i sent my message 3 times and it's still not showing up...

Ginae said...

okay that message went through so not sure what happened to the others,,hopefully you got them in your email even if they are not showing up on your blog.

Bliss said...

Crazy Blogger :(. I got your other messages in my email, though! Thanks for the kind words. Nope, that maternity stuff wasn't a perk I went for, lol. I negotiated a fair car allowance.

I'll cross the pregnancy bridge when I get there :)

Anonymous said...

That is fantastic! I know that you've been ready to go and I'm glad that God blessed you. I started working on a vision board of my own. Congratulations!!


AMES said...

Excellent news! Congratulations on your succeeding in your career plans. You know you are great when the search team will overlook residency preferences to choose you.

LadyLee said...

Goodness gracious, girl! You almost make me want to come up with a career plan! LOL

Bring your tail to the ATL! Our city needs some help, lol!

Congrats! *grabbing your hands and doing the high rockette kicks*

I would email you, but I'm too longwinded. But I said something in a comment section some ways back. Too lazy to go look for it. I think there is something to all this. I think you dealing with a timing issue. Stay prayerful. Stay thankful. Stay in faith. That is all. Things are happening.

You know what I think of you anyway. Remember I was the first to call you my future POTUS. That is all. LOL

Bliss said...

Thanks everyone!!

Trish, Yes...get yours together girl. Just seeing how things you prayed for come to life it amazing.

Ames - Blushing at "you know you are great when..." I love the blessings.

LadyLee - I remember that comment you made about me being shown something with timing. I am starting to get it. I am definitely trying to remember that it's not my time table that's in charge here.

Kurlylicious said...

Congrats! I'm so happy for you!

Sunny said...

Congrats. I'm very proud of you. Go on with your bad self!! ;)