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Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday, Marriage, Negativity, and Beyonce

Happy Monday good people!

I'm feeling excited and energized today. It's my last week in my current position and then I'm off for two weeks of relaxation and mind transition before the new gig starts.  I'm hoping this won't be the longest week ever.

Over the past seven weeks my pastor has been preaching on relationships.  The series was called Unbreakable.  Yesterday was the final sermon on the topic.  There was so much good teaching going on every week.  He started out talking to singles about how to prepare themselves for marriage instead of just focusing on looking for someone.  One thing that he said, that makes so much sense to me, but I didn't do pre-marriage was to have a roommate. He said that anyone wanting to get married should not live alone.  Instead, have a roommate because living with another adult is hard and will test all of your patience. He said to live alone until we are 30+ and then to think that we will transition into sharing space with no problems is unrealistic.  I never even thought about that. In fact, I never ever wanted a roommate. I had one in college for a short while, and we were friends before we lived together and I was still annoyed.

The number one thing that really stuck out to me during the series was that "Marriage is designed to kill you," and "Marriage should be the perfect view of God's word."  Those are statements my pastor made during the 6 weeks that I won't forget. 

Marriage is designed to kill you - By this statement he means that all of our selfishness and need for self has to die off, so that Christ can rise up and be seen in us.  We are dying off as ourselves and instead creating a new "oneness" with our spouse.  That really hit home for me because I can be a selfish brat sometimes (I won't admit that to my husband).

Marriage should be the perfect view of God's word - He talked about Jesus coming to Earth and loving the Church no matter what. How even when the church wasn't doing right, Jesus loved them more, never turning away.  He likened it to God giving us the opportunity to exhibit that through marriage. That whenever our spouse is acting crazy or not loving us it means that's our opportunity to love them even more, to keep our arms open and continue welcoming them.

My summation is not nearly as awesome as the sermons were, but I hope you get my point.

I took from all this that things will happen in marriage that test our faith. It will test how much we really love Christ and believe the things he has for our lives, or are we just talking.

It has made me realize how blessed I am that God gave to me and trusted me with Mr. RFA's heart.  He has blessed me with the opportunity to honor Him by honoring my husband. To realize this is almost overwhelming. To realize this makes me feel bad when I get even a slight attitude over silly things.

Negativity is so old, isn't it?? If not, it should be.  I've had people say some ridiculous things to me since I announced the acceptance of my new position. Of course they say things with a smile and a passive agressive attitude, but I see through straight through that to the trash it is.


The new Beyonce song has me so dissapointed that I am actually publically saying it is garbage. This is such a huge let down to her tried and true fans. You guys know how much of a Bey stan I am, but I had to say something about this. Why is the excessive use of the B word even necessary? Oh yeah, it's NOT!  It seemed she was trying to let everyone know she's the "woman" and she's been doing this, but wait...isn't that what the song Diva pointed out, without all the cursing and lack of musical ability. And the screwed and chopped vibe just seemed so utterly out of place and ridiculous.  I hate that I hate this song so much. Why does everyone want to go through a "rachet girl" phase nowadays. Just be an adult. Ugh.


That's it for now.  Happy Monday!

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LadyLee said...

Someone talked about this Beyonce song on another blog. I don't listen to current music, but I went and looked it up on youtube. O_O. What's up with that? I need you to snatch your girl to the side and have a talk with her. Sigh.

This is why I tend to stay over in the Kelly Price and Jill Scott neighborhood. Sigh. Ya'll can have the rest of it.

One of our assistant ministers has been preaching on the subject of marriage and relationsips for 4 YEARS. And you know what? He hasn't even began to exhaust the subject matter. Dying to self is one of the major cornerstones to his messages. And rightfully so.

I always tell folks... Before you get married? The problems are like little ants running around a china shop. After, it all magnifies up to bulls running around in a china shop. Better get a grip on the issues fast or it won't last. Trust me, I know.

Negativity... when I have good news, I like to tell folk then shut my mouth and pay attention to their reactions. That's the number one way to "locate" folks. And I am sure to embrace those who celebrate with me. Those are your quality folks right there. Really.

Have a good final week at work! Nothing like leaving the old, and entering the new. I know you will do great things on the new job!