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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Goings On

I'm in a good space in life right now. There are things that I would like to be much better, but I am blessed. I look over my short life and think about the things that I have been allowed to do and experience and I know there is a God. When my husband tells me things about his life before me, and the things I've seen since we've been together, I know there is a God. We have both been greatly blessed.

My teenager is going to be 15 years old in 8 weeks. She will not let me forget it. She is on the countdown until she can get her driving learner's permit. It seems like only yesterday she was 9.  I started blogging when she was 9. It's amazing how life has changed since that time. She's such a great girl, though. Her teenage listening skills aren't as good as her childhood listening skills, but other than that I can deal with her. I'm trying to make sure I drive perfectly these days because I know she is paying more attention to things like that. The last thing I want is for her to drive poorly.

I went to the mac counter and got a makeup 101 lesson.  I purchased all the basics and I've been wearing makeup for about a week now. I've gotten my routine down to 7 minutes start to finish. I take the most time with my eyes because I want them to stand out. I'm only using nuetral tones.  When I went to the counter I specifically told them to show me how to put on make up for working hours, not after hours. I think I'm ready for some evening looks. I'm going to head back to the counter this weekend to pick out some new products and work on a smokey eye.

We went to the 2013 Cello Fest this past weekend and had a great time. Mr. RFA loves classical music...I like it, but he literally loves it. There was so much talent was a pleasure to witness it and see his face light up in a new way.   My favorite performance was one of Richard Wagner's works. We used his classic "Here comes the bride" at our wedding and I just love the beauty of his compositions.  They really bring me to attention.  Mr. RFA's favorite was one of Bach's pieces. He loves him. We also used one of his pieces, "Air (on G String)" in our wedding...our Bridal party walked down to it.

Our First Anniversary is fast approaching and we are trying hard to determine where to go. Right now China, South Africa, and Alaska are in the running. We're going to take the daughter with us. I don't want to go to either of those places without letting her have the experience as well. We're going to have to get two bedroom accomodations, though...afterall, it is an Anniversary trip. :)

My husband love drop returns home today after being gone since Monday afternoon.  I hate when he is away even for a day. Tonight I'm going to welcome him home like he's been gone for a month...I'm talking welcome home signs, party music, The works!!!

What's going on with you guys??


LadyLee said...

Wow, man... our posts started out with similar sentences. Just wow. And I mentioned you on the sly in my post. Hmm.

China? South Africa? Alaska? Wow! I'll be happy just to get down to Florida or Savannah sometime this year! Can't wait to see where you end up going. That's going to be real special indeed!

And I remember when your daughter turned 11. Sigh. She will be grown before you know it.

And you found a brutha who likes classical music? Wow! You hold on to him, babes! He is Mr. RFA for real!!

Sunny said...

Maybe I should go back to MAC. I loved their make-up. I think lately a little concealer couldn't hurt. lol
Of your 3 choices, I would lean towards Africa, cause you know I have a vote. ;) LOL I think that would be an awesome trip for all of you.