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Thursday, January 31, 2013


1. Is there a tax penalty for being married. We attempted to do our taxes earlier this week, and our preliminary numbers are dismal.  I mean, like 1/10 of what we got back last year. I figure we must be doing something drastically wrong, or Uncle Sam does not like married people.

2. My swim class is over tonight. I miss it already. But rather than sign up for another class, I'm going to start swimming 3 days a week on my own. Sometimes I just want to stay focused on one thing before the instructor tries to push me forward.

3. My teenager is obsessed (with all caps) with One Direction.  The concert that will be here in the summer sold out quickly and now I'm a bad mommy. Or, I'm probably going to end up selling a kidney to get her a ticket off of stubhub. Sigh.  She better kiss my feet if I can pull this off.

4. My teenager is also getting progressively more filthy. Why is it that a teenaged girl who is concerned about her looks, like teenaged girls are, isn't concerned about dirty clothes laying around, shoes on top of nightstands, panties under the bed, bras on vanities.  I promise you when I walk to her side of the house it takes a quick prayer to stop me from grabbing her by the neck. 

5. Business expenses don't take long to add up, especially when you are obsessed with making your business better every 5 minutes like I am.  I finished my revamped 2013 marketing plan, and in order for me to fully implement it, it's going to cost $3500.  That's a huge chunk of my revenue.  Moral of the story - I need another client. I have a meeting with a prospective couple on's crossing my fingers!

6. I'm going to take a floral arrangement class. I've done arrangements before and I love the way they turn out, but I'm ready to get some really great tips.  And, I invited my mother to join me in the class. She was happy about that. It's a 3 hour class that will cover, centerpieces, bouquets, and boutonnieres. And, I get to bring them all home. I'm so excited!

7. That thing Mr. RFA told me no about last week turned out to be a good thing. I humbled myself and thanked him for having better foresight than me. He was a great husband and didn't rub it in my face.

8.  Juicing has been going great. I just don't feel like blogging about it. I'll do a summary update on Saturday.

9. I'm currently 10 days past ovulation (and IUI). I don't "feel" pregnant, though. But, what is that supposed to feel like when one is only 10 days past ovulation.  I'm not going to start obsessing (I hope).  I have 4 days to go....Monday will be here in a flash, right?? I'm probably going to pee on a stick 5 times over the weekend. Oh my goodness, I've already started obsessing and I'm not even finished with this paragraph.

10. Okay, now I can't think of what I was going to write because I'm still obsessing about what may or may not being happening inside of my uterus right now.

11. In 2008, and then again in 2009 I wrote down a timeline for my life including career moves, association memberships, the year I would get married, and the years I would have kids. I wrote on both those timelines that I would have my second child in 2013 and my third in 2015.  I came across that paper a few weeks ago and it made me smile.

12. Okay, now that I'm obsessing, I'm going to go. I have nothing else to discuss.


Ginae said...

I did a vision board for 2013 on Pinterest. Its one of the secret boards they offer....

I'm also working on a physical vision board...So far I've been posting words and pictures of things onto it. Did you use pictures for yours or did you just basically write stuff you wanted to happen on it?

Sunny said...

Your teenage daughter sounds a lot like mine. My sympathies.