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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

TTC Tuesdays - Week 14

Today is CD12 of our 6th month TTC. Both yesterday and today I tested as being in the high fertility range with my Clear Blue Easy monitor.
Yesterday, on the 14th we went to our Reproductive Endocronologist for the first step of IUI.  Really all they did was give me a vaginal ultra sound (let me tell you...I hate those things, and it seems that's the only kind they do these days) and to take a look at my ovaries, egg sacks and folicles. It appears that I will be ovulating from my left ovary this month.  That seems to be the most active ovary; not sure why.
Anyway, I was told that my egg sack looks good and is right on track to have been on CD11.  I have to go back tomorrow and then again on Friday so they can make sure my body is progressing toward ovulation.  At the same time, I have to monitor fertility at home and let them know as soon as I get a surge (or peak, as I call it) on my tests.  We are not to baby dance that day as we normally do. Instead, we have to go into the doctor the next day where Mr. RFA will give a "sample" and 1 1/2 hours later they will inseminate me.  Now, after insemination we are encouraged to baby dance til we can't baby dance anymore.
As my honey and I were talking about everything on the drive back home, he told me he just couldn't believe how simple the procedure seemed.  We are both wowed by the wonders of technology. I must admit that I am a little nervous.  It just feels surreal to be entering into this process. I'm not nervous in a bad way, just nervous in the sense that it is all so new. And, something I never thought would be apart of my reproductive life.  It's just so amazing how "we" picture things for our lives, but often we don't see the details of it all.  I can only imagine God laughing at us, like these children of mine have no idea the greatness I have in store for them nor how I will get it to them. 
The entire TTC process is helping me to really enjoy every step of my life. I used to be all about checking off each step "I" had laid out for myself. Sometimes I enjoyed the actual journey, and sometimes I didn't allow myself to because I was too focused on crossing it off the list and moving to the next thing. Thank God for lessons!
As for this 1st round of IUI, we should know the outcome by the beginning of February or sooner. I am a bag of emotion (all good)!  I will blog about the Wednesday appointment and any other news next week.
~ Blissfully Yours


LadyLee said...

This is all like, mad interesting. Really. And I can't wait to get started on the blankets. *cartwheels*

Bliss said...

Yes, interesting indeed. Yay for blankets, lol!