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Friday, January 25, 2013

Random As I Wanna Be

It's the end of the week, and I have so many things floating around in my mind.

1. I love that I have taken on this juicing challenge.  I can't wait until I get the nerve to start tryin new things, like beets (yuck) and such.  I want to discover veggies that I current dislike in new ways, so that hopefully I can enjoy their benefits.

2. I'm pretty close to taking on my 4th client, and a friend of mine just told me they have a strong lead for me.  I'm excited about it all.  I actually had to turn down business this week.  A bride contacted me for services, but I already have a wedding booked on her date.  I called another planner that I've met through some networking events to see if she had the date available. She did, and now the two of them are in talks. I hope it works out for the both of them.

3. My current career situation seriously bothers me. To the point of tears. Yesterday something transpired that left me feeling completely defeated and deflated. This is happening for a reason.  I want to know why.

4. Today, Mr. RFA told me "no" to something I wanted to do.  He just outright said no. He gave an explanation, but for the first time I didnt' feel like he was hearing what I was explaining to him. I left the house feeling sad and angry.  A part of me even felt like I can't believe someone gets to overrule me...this is a first.  There will be things that we don't want the other to do...I just hope it doesn't happen often.  It doesn't feel good not being on the same page about an issue. This is a new marriage step for me. Even though I don't like it right now, I know that respecting what he has said will benefit us in the long run.

5. Much to my surprise I haven't been consumed with fertility thoughts since Monday's procedure.  I think about it everyday, but it doesn't run my thoughts like it has for the past few months.  My mother knew the procedure was our next step and the week before, she called me to tell me she didn't think I was trusting God by going through with it. I don't see the correlation.  When I told her I didn't agreee, she went on about how I never listen to her, and that she doesn't undertand why.  This is the kind of guilt trip, woe is me, I'm your mother crap that gets on my nerves.

6. One of the people I cut off after my wedding reached out to me for reconciliation. I've spoken with her.  We had to relive the whole situation, and a part of me got upset all over again, but only briefly. I forgiven, but not sure I'm ready to fully trust again. I will navigate these waters carefully.  And, I made clear that I want no parts of the other person...not now, not later.

7. I've been trying to get on the list for curl box for 3 months, and still nothing.  I hope that when I finally get on, it's not a huge let down.  I really need to do something different with my hair.

8.  I only have one tasting with a client this weekend, so I hope I get to spend some good quality time with my little family.

Happy Weekend!

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LadyLee said...

This is a good randoms! Allows me to blog out of control in your comment section.

1. BEETS! You know I hate beets, but I love them in juice. Then you have the different types. We are use to the purple ones, but there are red ones and yellow (golden) ones. I've been waiting for you to come across a particular recipe that has beets in it that is VERY popular. I see the concoction in stores and at my farmers market. You probably already have found it. I think you will like it.

2. I am glad you are helping out your fellow planner. That is a good sign right there. Means you love what you are doing.

3. Question... Are you praying about the current job situation? Are you praying the solution, and not the problem?

4. Oh no... Mr. RFA. I need the honeymoon phase to continue!

But seriously, one thing I learned from my marriage: it was a serious test in where I was on the selfishness scale. Serious. I am glad that you are taking what he said to heart. And I hope he does the same for you. Because the whole respect of each other's thoughts on something is terribly important. Very much so.

5. Mommy issues... they are always with us, right? I lost the battle in that one. Best to say what they wanna hear. I don't do well with that AT ALL... not with Mama or people in general. My weakness, I suppose.

We are living in a most wondrous time. I feel like God has made all these wonderful avenues of technology available for us, and we should use them if we deem necessary. Now if folks can't understand that, well...

6. I am notorious for cutting people off. If you are not elevating my life, and I'm not elevating yours, then I am ghost. (I think that comes with getting older... I don't do drama).

And with that said... I have reconciled with people. But trust takes time. And I have built the trust back up over time. So yes, that is possible. Don't expect it to be instant, though.

6. What the heck is a curl box, man? That is all I have to say about that.

8. I hope your tasting with the client goes well! AND that you get to spend some good quality time this weekend with the fam!