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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Juice/Smoothie Challenge Days 3 and 4

Ok...I got behind yesterday.  Ugh!

Recap of Day 3:

This was the collards, carrots and pear treat.  I decided to juice the collards and carrots first, then I added pear junks and smoothied the whole thing.

Let me start by saying that I enjoy all three of these ingredients, but together they were "different."  I think the pear was my saving grace. Next time I will add more pear.

Recap of Day 4:

This morning I had blueberries, mint, and tons of spinach.  This was absolutely delicious.  Seriously, it was so good that I felt like it wasn't healthy to drink.  And, I used more mint than I did with Dr. Oz recipe, which left my insides feeling extra cool and my breath smelled delightful, lol.

Day 5 recipe:

Tomorrow I'm going to finally do the juiced sweet potatoe!  I'm sooo super excited about this.  I really hope my juicer doesn't break down.

Here is the recipe I'm going to use:

1 Sweet Potatoe (peeled)
1/4 ginger root (peeled)
2 Carrots
Handful of spinach

I think this is going to be yummmmm....eeeeee!

Can't wait.

1 comment:

LadyLee said...

Hmmm... the blueberries one sounds good, especially with the mint. I am not a blueberry fan unless they are juiced. And we getting a lot of blueberry samples for analysis at work... so I am mad at blueberries right now, lol.

I love to substitute pears for apples in some of my recipes. Definitely a change of pace, something different.