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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Food Related

I was on another blog the other day commenting about how I have been meal planning consistently since December. Before then I hadn't meal planned since early 2012.  I find it to be extremely helpful.  I go to the grocery twice a week.  Every Sunday I post the week's meals on the fridge and head out to pick up ingredients for the first half of the week.

I noticed that meal planning makes me want to get more creative with our dishes. If I notice that I've made baked ziti twice in two weeks, I will search for something new. For a while I noticed I was making tuna casserole like it was going out of style.  Initially my household liked it, but they soon turned against me and tuna casserole. Now, if I mention it their faces get all screwed up.

Meal planning also helps me make sure I'm not buying stuff with no intended purpose in mind...cuts down on wasted food and inflated grocery bills.

Earlier in the week I mentioned that my granny and  I swapped juicing recipes.  Well, I have an actual juicer, but she uses the magic bullet. The thing I don't like about juicing is that I feel it discards too much of the veggie or fruit.  I feel like I'm throwing away food when I clean it out. My granny was telling me how hers doesn't waste a thing and how full it keeps her until lunch time. So, what did I do?? I went out and bought a magic bullet.  LOL.  It's much more smoothie than juicing, but it's still good and she was right, it keeps me full much longer than the juice, and I can use less fruit and veggies to yield more.

So...I am now going to have a bit of a challenge with myself, and you can join me or watch along. Starting on Monday, the 21st I am going to begin a 30 day juicing (smoothie) challenge.  I will enjoy a veggie/fruit smoothie each morning for breakfast.  I'll post the recipe I'm going to use the morning day before. So on Sunday I'll post Monday's recipe and on Monday I'll review that morning's drink and give Tuesday's recipe and so on.  Excited!

I've already been looking for some new and interesting concoctions...I can't wait to share.


LadyLee said...

I am looking forward to the juicing adventure. I myself juice 4 times a week. I might look into that magic bullet, as I want a second juicer-type apparatus, that can do more things...

Ginae said...

I have a magic bullet and a juicer. I've been making breakfast smoothies for the last 5 months with it. Super easy and fast!. But I'm ready to start juicing more. Thanks to Ladylee and her help I'm about to go full force with it...well at least 3 mornings a week to start and work my way up. I'm addicted to the juice bar at Whole Foods...I always stop by on my way out to get a freshly made juice drink. However that can get costly and I've got to stop. I brought a book on some juice recipes. Can't wait to try them.

My dad got suckered into buying the juicer that Montell Williams sells on the info commercial. He is so pumped about it. Its

Bliss said...

LadyLee - Yeah, so far so good. The only thing I don't like about the bullet is that I have to add a liquid to some concotions to make it a bit thinner. I think I'm going to juice a bit in the juicer and use that liquid with the rest of the recipe in the magic bullet. That way I'm getting all fruit/veggie and no water.

Ginae - 3 mornings a week is good stuff! I'm excited about trying more will have to share some of your concotions with me.

LOL @ your dad getting suckered. I hope he loves it.

Sunny said...

I wonder if I could "juice" with my immersion blender. I don't have room for another gadget.
I am game to try your recipes.
I use to make smoothies for my kids for a quick breakfast but have fallen off the wagon with that.
I was told recently that you are supposed to cook with the remainder of the juiced produce. Don't ask me what though, I didn't get all that information, but I am thinking maybe soups?