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Monday, December 17, 2012

Weekend Stuff

I still don't have words for what happened in Connecticut on Friday.  My heart still hurts for those families.  It is unthinkable. May God bless them.

Despite all the sadness in the world, my weekend went pretty well.  On Friday night my mother and I went to a Murder Mystery Dinner.  I took her as a birthday present.  Guess who won?? ME!  I had an absolute blast, and can't wait to go to another one.  RFA and I have talked about doing a murder mystery weekend in Vermont next year.  We really need to make that happen.

On Saturday I had wedding business work to attend to, but I was finished by noon, so I still got to enjoy some leisure time.  My daughter and I went to do some Christmas browsing (neither of us bought a thing) and then we saw a movie.  I love being with her.  Even though she's getting older and sometimes I want to shake her back to her wonderful 10 year old self, she is still one of my fave people.

Yesterday we went to church and I had one of those "I know you are talking to me right now" moments.  I swear my pastor's message was directed at me.  The topic was on relationships...he's been doing a series about "Fighting For Your Family."  This week he touched on parental relationships.  Since my mother moved to Texas in October 2011 our relationship has dwindled into of of obligation, resentment, and pure displeasure on my part.  I could list a laundry list of things I feel that she's done to make me feel this way, but truly it shouldn't matter.  That sentiment was reinforced by my pastor yesterday.  He said it is time to look beyond the issue and at the person.  God forgives us over and over and over, yet we can't forgive those that have "wronged" us.  I'm going to try to do better, and get over my issues.

I could talk about this - my issues with her - all day, but I won''s senseless.

Well that was my weekend.

~ Blissfully Yours

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