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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

TTC Tuesdays - Week 11

Good morning!

Today I am on CD20.  I have no hopes of being pregnant this month.  After my post last week, I tested with an opk, which I always do just as a double check to the monitor.  Since starting this process with the monitor, two cycles ago, each cycle the strips and the monitor always correspond.  Well, this month they didn't.

The monitor had me peak on CD12, meaning I was to ovulate on CD13.  The opk had me peak on CD16, which means I would ovulate on CD17.  Though the opk had me peaking on CD16, on CD17 it was negative, but if it should have also been positive.

The monitor, which typically prompts me to test up until my ovulation date, prompted me to test every day since.  I have stopped wasting my sticks, though.

I'm so confused by what happened this month. I wish I would get ovulation pains like other women, so I would just know without a doubt.  I've tried to monitor Cervical mucus and basal temps, but I honestly hate that process.  It's too much work.  I just want to know I'm ovulating, have sex, and be pregnant.

Anyway, so if the monitor is right, I should expect a new cycle to start on the 26th, or if the opk was right I should expect a new cycle to start on the 29th...that's if I'm not pregnant. 

I guess the wait just got longer.

Since next Tuesday is Christmas I doubt I'll be blogging about TTC.  So I'll give you our plans if we are not pregnant.

If we haven't conceived this month, the doctor wants us to start our first cycle of IUI in January.

That's it.
~ Blissfully Yours 

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