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Saturday, December 1, 2012

One Single Thing

I've mentioned Gretchen Rubin here before.  She is the author of a phenomenal book - The Happiness Project.  I love her. She is so imperfect, but never ends her personal quest, nor that of encouraging others, to be better.
Last week she posted this question on her blog, and it made me freeze for about 10 minutes.  That's a long time given that was an extremely busy day and I was suppose to only be taking a 5 minute "clear my brain" break. is her question:
 If, by the end of 2013, you could magically change one aspect of your life, what would you change? What single thing would add the most to your happiness?  With that aim in mind, can you come up with concrete, manageable steps that would help you accomplish it?
Well I'll be turns out that there are a ton of things I'd like to change, modify, tweak by the end of the year.  However there is one that has tugged at my heart for the past few months, and it popped in my head almost immediately upon reading the questions.  I froze for 10 minutes because I felt that it should be something a bit more profound. That "thing" is  Healthly living.  And, as I think about it, it is profound.  Given my family's medical background and my past history with fibroids, my health is my peace of mind, and that is certainly profound.
So to answer the question, I would magically change my health lifestyle.  It would absolutely add the most happiness to my life right now.  I'm happy, but there is a piece of my puzzle that is missing, and it's the pure joy I felt when I was living my best healthy life.
Here are the concrete, manageable steps that I believe would help me accomplish this change:
1. Make a gym schedule that I can stick to.  I can go to the gym 4 times per week, but I'm kidding myself if I think I'm going to make those 4 visits at 5:30am.  I used to pop out of bed for that routine, but my married life has brought on much longer nights, that require my full rest in the morning. So, I'll move my schedule to the afternoons.  I think by purely being honest with myself on the actual time I plan to workout will make a huge difference in my follow through. When I tell myself I'll workout at 5:30am and I don't, then something in me feels like I can't redeem myself until the next day at 5:30am. No more!
2. I will prepare my meals 3 days in advance. This is something I used to do that was very successful. If I stay ready, I never have to worry about getting caught in a desperate situation.
3. Have a talk with my husband and daughter about how my lack of healthiness is impacting my happiness and therefore we have to be a united house against bad foods for the betterment of our family.  If they know the internal struggle I have with turning down bad foods, I know they'll be willing to support an environment in our home where my struggle is dwindled, if not erased.
4. Re-learn what my body likes and doesn't like. I will do this by listening to my body after eating certain foods. I'll also start doing more research about fibroids and their correlation to food. I did this before, but I think I missed something. During my 40+ pound weight loss, I had a fibroid that grew to an enormous size that my uterus was that of a near 5 month pregnant woman.  While I was eating healthier, there must have been something I missed. I must find that missing link.
I know a month is a bit ambitious to make a full change, but it is definitely a start.  One step at a time is how to conquer those internal struggles.
Thanks, Gretchen...this question helped me focus on the steps instead of just some grand idea.
~ Blissfully Yours


Sunny said...

You go girl!!! Take back your health. It's a very worthy endeavour. :)

Bliss said...

Thank, Sunny! I'm going to get it back :)