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Monday, November 26, 2012

Our First Thanksgiving

The Holiday was great!  My mother-in-law flew in from the east coast, and my mother came over.  I made all of the food, and everyone couldn't stop raving about it. It makes me most happy when my daughter and husband enjoy the food.  He always does, but she has her moments.  It was just an added bonus that my mother-in-law enjoyed my cooking.
During dinner we had several conversations, some better than others, but all of them ended up with my mother saying something ridiculous against me.  I think she was joking the entire time, but loves to say out of the way negative things to me when she's around my husband. And, she loves to tell me how to be a wife (you have to cook different foods for him, cater to him, surprise him all the time)...ugh. She does this with him sitting right there. It annoys me to pieces.
At one point she even started antagonizing my MIL about her mentally disabled cousin.  My MIL was discussing how her younger cousin has mental problems and often throws himself pity parties with her via text message. My MIL tries to help him out of it, but tries to be gentle with him.  Also, my MIL is a very religious woman.  My mother started badgering her about not listening to him complain about the same stuff. She told her that she needs to get tough with him and tell him to get over it.  My MIL reminded my mother that her cousin is mentally unstable, so it's unfair to expect someone to use an approach they'd use on those with good mental health.  That's when my mother said, "Well, as a Christian woman you shouldn't be enabling him to feel sorry for himself, you need to let him know that you won't stand to continue listening to it."  I wanted to disappear into my chair right there.  I was so embarrassed, and my husband was shocked.
I finally jumped in and started telling everyone what I was grateful for this year.  That cleared the air, and we moved on.
My husband is taking on a photography hobby, so after dinner we went outside to take some family photos.  They came out beautiful, so we decided to go ahead and do a few with just the three of us and the dog for our Christmas cards.  I'm excited about sending them out.
All in all, my first Thanksgiving as the Mrs. was great! I hope yours was as well!
~ Blissfully Yours


Sunny said...

Wow, your mom ... wow. Moms, you just gotta love them. What can you do!?! smh

AMES said...

Blessed are the peacemaker.

ShellyShell said...

Man, you gotta love moms. My mom pops off sometimes. When me and my ex called it quits(we were going to get married) my mom said "Oh shell I bet it was your fault because of your mouth." That was the first time I ever hung the phone up on her. Because had I stayed on I would have went IN on her azz! I love her but uhhh!