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Friday, November 30, 2012

One Income Living

Before we married, RFA and I spoke extensively about finances and our philosphy on spending, saving, etc.  We decided  that when the time came (marriage, that is) we would merge our finances, but live as if we were a single income family.  December 4th will be our 4 month anniversary and we haven't actually lived by our rule as yet.  During our first quarter financial review as married people, we decided that we needed to make good on our one income commitment.
We are starting in December, and for some reason I'm very excited about it.  On one hand, I can't spend like I've hit the lottery anymore, but on the other, more important, hand we will reap the benefits of being financially prudent.  That is the part that excites me!
I think by starting in December we'll get some big challenges under our belt for this new way of living that will make all the other months that much easier.  I'm specifically talking about gift giving to our family while meeting all of our other obligations.
Once thing I've noticed over the first quarter of our marriage is that the cost of two adults is more expensive that I estimated.  My husband is very low key, and very much a saver, but just the sheer cost of feeding him, has increased our food bill significantly.  I won't put all the blame on him.  My saving spirit dissapeared when I saw how much income we were bringing in between the both of us and I just wanted to feel the joy of spending.  I guess my budgeting mentality flew the coop.   Now that we are financially adjusted and the "mo' money" shock has worn off on me, it's time to get back to our respnosible selves (ok, me get back to my responsible self, he never wavered).
In addition to starting our new financial lifestyle, we are also going to give something else a test run for the month of December.  We will be operating with one car and leaving the other parked in the garage.  There won't be a significant cost savings from this venture because we still have to pay care insurance, but we are eager to see how we come out on gas consumption with one car.  I'm curious to see how families did this years ago before  two cars were the standard.     
I can't wait to see what our second quarter financials look like given our new changes!  Yippie, in advance.            
~ Blissfully Yours        


AMES said...

I think one car, one income living will make you stronger and closer. It can be a struggle but you will have bigger muscles and more strength and it will soon be easy.

ShellyShell said...

Living in the Dallas area I wonder how you guys will be able to do that? You must work close to each other? What about after work? Gym,your daughter,plans with girlfriends? Please update this. Im curious to see how this turns out! Good Luck!!