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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Goings On

I've been a busy bee over the past two weeks.  I took on two new clients, which makes me extremely happy. Both are full service clients, one wants to be very hands off and has essentially given me her budget and asked me to make the rest happen.  The other plans to be highly involved (both the bride and groom). They have a clear picture of what they want, but would like my guidance at every step of the process.  I was hopeful, but didn't expect to jump off so wonderfully in my first official month in business. This past Sunday my pastor preached about people praying for blessings and then holding out a little small pouch for their blessings to flow into.  He said, we need to start holding huge garbage bags because that's how big our blessings will be when we're asking for things from God.  I guess dreaming big isn't enough...we have to EXPECT big also.
I missed my TTC update this week.  Just to recap, I tested on Monday and got a BFN (that's a big fat negative).  So, my uterus is still empty.  I told my husband and he asked if I was alright.  I was, surprisingly so.  Then after I got out of the shower I mentioned to him that we should go ahead and get him a semen analysis just to rule out any issues with him, and that on our next visit to the reproductive endocrinologist we should bring up  IUI to bypass any possible pathway issues.  He offered up that we may want to try for a few more months before doing all of that...and all of a sudden while we were standing in our closet getting dressed I just broke down.  The tears wouldn't stop.  I'm fine with waiting a few more months, but honestly I'm so freaking afraid that new fibroids will grow and my chances of more children will fade.  I shouldn't live with this fear, but I do and I hate it.  After I explained my fear, my husband said we could do whatever would give me peace of mind.  That same day we were in the doctor's office getting his analysis done.  He called and scheduled the appointment without me even knowing about it.
Back in June, our RE told me that he only wanted us to try from August to December, and that if I wasn't pregnant in my December cycle to come back because he didn't want to move slowly on things.  So  here we are on November 1st, and I'll be heading back to him next week to talk out some of my fears and discuss our ttc process and find out if there is something else we could be doing to help the natural order of things.
I think over the past couple of weeks we have pretty much decided that we'll be living in Texas until at least 2016, maybe longer depending on new life factors by that point.  We've also pretty much agreed we will live in the same house until that time because of my daughter's school district.  All three of us are ready for more space, but we all agree that my daughter's school is amazing and I don't want to move her to another one in the area, even though those are great too.  We also don't want to buy another house in the 2 mile radius that we'll likely sell in 4 years.  The great thing about these decisions is that my daughter will be happy she stays in her same school through graduation, and we are excited about keeping our low mortgage.  Now if we can just sells at least one set of these apartments my husband bought years ago, everything will be great! 
I have  a networking event tonight...something I haven't done in a while.  This time it's for my event planning hat as opposed to government.  I'm super excited.
What's going on with you???
~ Blissfully Yours

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