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Friday, November 9, 2012

Busy Bee

Busy, Busy, Busy! Whew.  I like being busy, though.

I wanted to touch on a few things going on and/or on my mind.

Politics time for the re-election of President Obama! I never had a doubt he'd be reelected, but about two weeks prior, I think I started believing the hype of a "close" race.  In the end the Country spoke, and it wasn't even close from the electoral college perspective.  I'm also glad Mr. President won the popular vote.  I am no fan of the electoral college, and if he hadn't won the popular vote, I was all ready to make a statement about how it just doesn't feel right to celebrate a win that a majority of the country didn't provide.  At any rate, I'm excited and very much optimistic about the next 4 years.  I hope the republicans and extremist conservatives have learned that their ugly tactics and obstructionist ways backfired, and that it's time to to accept the olive branch the President has repeatedly, to the dismay of many of his loyal base, extended.

Also, one time for the Democrats securing the senate, and good for the Republicans keeping the house.  Typically, I'm a fan of the congress being split by both parties because it, in the past, has required much collaboration and compromise to get things done, which in the end is best for the country.  However, given the way the republicans have acted since winning the house in 2010, and even before that, made me worry. But, again, I'm hoping the huge Obama victory and the rejection of all the conservative extremists is a motivator for them to stop the crazy antics and work with the democrats to get things done.

TTC Update
We got the results of my husband's semen analysis last week. All is well on his end.  The only issue, which really isn't an issue is that the percentage of well shaped sperm is a little lower than what the doctor typically likes to see.  However, we were assured it should not pose a problem.  I also went in a for a fibroid check up this week, and praise God - everything is still clear!  We also discussed the go forward plan more.  It still stands that if we aren't pregnant by December, we'll return to the doctor and start IUI in January.  IUI stands for intrauterine insemination.  It's a process whereby they will take my husband's sperm, select the fastest and healthiest of his bunch, wash them, and inseminate them directly into my uterus on the day of ovulation.  The process helps ensure that the egg and sperm are actually meeting in the same space and given a better chance to "connect."  Ideally, we would both love to conceive naturally, but we are also thankful for technology and will take our babies any way God wants to give them to us.

The wedding planning season is kicking into high gear for summer '13.  I'm having a blast working with my three couples, and I can't wait to take on a few more.  I'm bringing on an intern in the Spring. She is a senior out of state, but will be returning home to Texas soon after her graduation.  She wants to get some hands on experience in the event planning field, specifically weddings.  This is going to be a win - win for the both of us, I hope. 

As I look at things, I believe I can take on 6 clients at a time by myself; as long as their events are at least 3 weeks apart.

I'm having a great time building relationships and networking in a completely different industry than government.

I keep trying to think of a blog name for my husband.  While we were dating, I called him Mr. RFA (right for Aretha) on the old blog.  While he definitely turned out to be totally right for me, I think he needs a new name here; especially since this is a new blog.  I'll keep thinking, I guess.

I think that's all for now.  How are you guys doing?

~ Blissfully Yours


Sunny said...

I don't think he needs a new name. He still seems very "RFA"!! :) I'm glad that life seems to be going very well for you. Good luck with everything.

Delonda Parks-Burns said...

I agree with Sunny, just keep the name RFA!! Plus, I like it. I'm very happy for you and Congrats to you on your new business, you go girl!!! Also, congrats on your pregnancies in advance!

Blessings to you!