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Thursday, October 4, 2012


The last time I did a vision board was in 2009.  Just about everything on it became reality: homeowner, weight loss, marriage, career progression, and volunteering more.  The only area that didn’t happen was the one of showing my daughter the world outside of this country.  Now that she is a teenager, only four years from living outside of the home, I am hard pressed to make sure this happens.  My husband and I have written into our family constitution one family trip abroad each year. We both have the desire to show our current daughter and future kids the world.

I took my vision board off my bedroom wall, for the first time, earlier this year. I realized that it was relevant anymore.

This weekend I plan to work on another.  It will have the following areas: 

1.      Health – This was on the last one, but this is something that I need to stay focused on.  My family has its share of ailments, and if I drop the ball I could fall victim, too.

2.      Strong Marriage – I’m a love drunk newlywed, but I also realize marriage will get tough, and I want to stay armed and ready to keep mine strong and pressing forward.

3.      Business growth – I just started a new small business and my husband has dreams of starting his own as well.  We are both putting in the ground work for great things, and I can’t wait to see it all come to fruition.

4.      Expanded family – If you haven’t heard, I’m hear to tell you, Operation Baby is in full effect. I started out wanting two more children, but I’ve since changed my mind AND convinced my husband that we should have as many as God wants us to have…even if that means 4 more.  I’m excited.

5.      Family relationships – I want to get genuinely stronger in these areas with my mother and sister.  My sister and I have grown so close, but I want to make sure that continues. My mother and I have seen better days. I think her moving closer to me and then living with me temporarily did quite a bit of harm to our relationship. I hope I can get over myself enough to fix things.

6.      Happiness – I just wish happiness on myself and my household, even if things don't continue being as great as they are now...always. 

7.      Continuous learning – I have so many interests, but I don’t always give each of them attention. I want to make sure I’m actively learning and growing my interests.

8.      Writing a book – this has been a tug on my heart since I was a teenager, and still I continue to push it in the background.

While those areas are broad, they really touch all aspects of my life and the desires of my heart.  Here is to putting the prayers up and watching the blessings of my vision board come down!

What’s on your vision board (Even if it’s only in your heart right now)?

~ Blissfully Yours


Delonda Parks-Burns said...

So awesome, love your vision!! My vision board is writing my book, happiness in my home as well, starting my small business,going back to school, getting healthier, which include releasing the weight, and getting fit, and working toward my boys starting a business as well.

I'm pretty excited about everything, and praying that God continue to bless us and our home.

Anonymous said...

You have me thinking ... Thanks. I think by year end I will have mine completed.