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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

TTC Tuesdays - Week 2

It appears that everything is moving along smashingly in our first cycle of TTC. I'm currently on CD17.  As I told you in the first post, we are using a fertility monitor to determine the day of ovulation. Well, because I'm a bit paranoid about missing my window of opportunity, and because I've read way too much informaiton on the topic, I am also taking OPKs in conjunction with monitor testing.
I take the OPKs in the morning and at night, and the monitor on the afternoons it instructs me to do so.
On CD10 the fertility monitor gave me a reading of "high fertility."  I almost jumped off the toilet I was so excited.  And, then I became a little dismayed because I was out of town and my husband wasn't with me, so we couldn't BD in celebration. 
Let me back up and offer some explanation about the monitor versus the OPKs.  The monitor gives you up to six fertile days in each cycle (if you ovulate that month).  Technically sperm can live in a woman's body for up to 5 days, so the monitors measures certain hormones in the body and determines when you are about 5 days out from ovulation.  It considers those days to be "high" because if you BD, there is a possibility that sperm will still be around when the egg drops on ovulation day.
OPKs, on the other hand, only give you a positive result within 48 hours of ovulation. There is no ambiguous "high" day. 
On the morning of CD15, we got up to go to church and as usual I took an OPK....since I started taking them on CD8, the test line was always very faint, if it was present at all.  So, imagine my shock when after 4 minutes I look over and I have two dark lines (the control line is always dark, but if the test line is the same color or darker, then you are going to ovulate within 24 to 48 hours).  I screamed and jumped up and down and told my husband the great news.  He was excited as well, but wanted to wait until the afternoon for the the monitor testing to confirm.

(This is the Wondfo OPK. See the two dark lines...the one to the right is the control line, and the one to the left is the test line.  Both the same...wooohooo!)

After church, I did the monitor test and sure enough...I got the peak symbol, which is a picture of what's supposed to be a uterus with an egg in it.  I screamed with excitement and texted it to my husband who had already left to go watch the eagles game.  I wanted him to come home right then so we could BD, but I decided to be patient and let him finish the game.

(This is my Clear Bl.ue Monitor. The angle is a bit weird, but what you see there is that my egg is ready to be fertilized. The "15" indicates the cycle day)

I swear when I saw both the OPK and the monitor confirm my impending ovulation, I was so happy you would have thought I just got a positive pregnancy result.
I pray one of his swimmers is able to meet up with my egg and make our first baby. However, I'm staying level headed as well and understanding that it doesn't always happen the first month of TTC. 
I'm just so happy we got the monitor and the OPKs because tyring to calculate on our own was like trying to shoot a target in the dark.  Just for kicks, I did another ovulation calculator to see what days it said I was fertile for the month, and low and behold, it has my fertile days as past ovulation. So if we were still doing that, I would have missed my actual ovulation day...and another month with no chance of baby.  Not to say a baby is garaunteed this month, but at least we know there is a chance.  Come on babies... go find a comfy place to attach in mommy's uterus!
~ Blissfully Yours


ginae said...

girl you are killing me with these TTC posts! LOL! Um what does OPK and DB mean? All these acronyms are confusing me...I can always tell when I'm body does a couple of things that let me know big time.

Bliss said...

LOL...girl I'm so excited and nervous and excited and ready expand our family. should have checked out the acronym key on the first TTC post. OPK is ovulation predictor kit (test strips not affiliated with the actual monitor) and BD is Baby Dance (ie. sex).

I've heard of women being able to tell when they ovulate by their body temp or some can even feel it in their abdomen. I think I've felt that before, but we are on a mission and that mission doesn't include guestimating...we want to know for sure. So, we are taking full advantage of wonderful
21st century technology!