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Monday, October 1, 2012

Small Steps Forward

I almost can’t believe it’s the 10th month of the year. Soon I’ll be saying how I can’t believe it’s 2013. 
I haven’t set out any monthly goals in quite a while. I was so busy with wedding planning and me allowing life to have its way with me instead of the other way around.  I’m finally refocusing on things and getting my feet on stable ground.
Last year, I set out to read all of the presidential biographies (maybe it was two years ago).  I never got around to finishing and, I didn’t start in order.  Well, I’ve decided to rededicate myself to this goal.  I’m a few chapters in on a bio of George Washington.  The book also serves as a double bio, and talks about Benedict Arnold.  So far, so good.  This leads me to the first goal of October.
1.       Finish reading the George Washington Biography.
From the moment I accepted my husband’s proposal to be his wife, and even before I ever met him, I always had thoughts and a desire to be a good wife when the time came. It pains me to say that I never had any direct role models for what I think is a “good” wife.  My granny and granddad were happy, but she was mean and yelled at him a lot…I don’t want to be like that.  So, I recently purchased a book that I’m going to work through to make sure I’m starting off on the right path in my new wife role; it’s called “A Wife After God’s Own Heart” by Elizabeth George. You may have heard of her other book,  “A Woman After God’s Own Heart.”  This leads to my second goal.
 2.       Complete the book and exercises of A Wife After God’s Own Heart.  I plan to do much writing and reflecting during this period.  Initially, I wanted my husband to do the male version simultaneously, but I’ve since changed my mind and want to make this about me getting better instead of risking either of us focusing too much on what the other is doing and not enough on our own behaviors.
Over the past several months I have not been as focused on my physical fitness as I’d like to admit. I can make all kinds of excuses about how my time got away from me, but really there is no acceptable excuse.  I think I’m starting to finally get back on board mentally. For me my mind is the part that has to be dedicated. So here is my third goal for the month.
 3.       Go the gym 3 days per week for the entire month, and run 4 times per week.  I will run on my gym days and then do a long run on the weekend.
That’s it. Those are my goals for the month.   I’m going to tip toe back into goal setting since I’ve not done it in so many months.  And, with the limited number to focus on success should definitely be mine!
~ Blissfully Yours

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