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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Keeping Her Moving

As Volleyball season wraps up for the school year, I'm left trying to figure out what's next for my daughter by way of activities. She is very much involved in her philanthropy club at school, and is spending some time on her journalistic efforts, but she needs physical activity as well.
Since she was young, she's always been involved in some sort of sport.  Most of them she hated until she discovered volleyball.  When she was younger she was what I like to call a Miss Priss. She was opposed to sweating, being the least bit dirty, moving quickly, or exerting too much physical effort.  She was all about sitting around and playing with her dolls, reading, doing puzzles, or playing with her little dog by making him listen to her read or trapping him under a clothes hamper.  Simply put, she liked things that allowed her to enjoy her natural easy going pace.
I, on the other hand, had something different in mind for her.  I wanted her to go to every activity because I felt like that was the only way she'd discover what she liked. While reading and doll playing came natural to her, I always wanted to push her to discover those things that were below the surface.  And, I simply wanted her to be well rounded.  I knew she'd be smart, and she is. But, I wanted to make sure she appreciated music and could play an instrument, and she can.  At age 3 she started violin and played until about age 6 when she told me she didn't enjoy it anymore.  Then she moved on to the flute and loved it, but when it came to conflict with volleyball, she didn't want to do it anymore.  I also wanted her to play a sport.  I wouldn't have cared if it was fencing, softball, or whatever. I just wanted her to find a way to remain physically active while having fun. 
When younger, she played t-ball (ended up hating it); she played soccer (she was a goalie, but used the position moreso to pick flowers and look up at the sky until the teams made their way closer to her); she swam (she still loves swimming and wanted to do synchronized, but during one of our moves no such opportunity was available for her age group); she did gymnastics (hated it from the word go); she danced (loved ballet initially, but let her disdain for jazz get in the way.  In sixth grade, she even had a stint trying to learn more contemporary styles, but decided  that she liked volleyball more and didn't want to do both.); and she took painting and other forms of artistic classes 10 times over. 
My point is she is used to doing, trying, exploring things.  I'm happy about that.  However, now I'm left feeling compelled to "find" her something else to try.  Normally she would run in the off season, but because of her case of osgood schlatter's last year, she doesn't want to chance it and ruin her vball off season hopes.  A part of me is thinking about just getting her a membership at the gym, but I don't want physical activity to feel like a chore for her.  She has gone to the gym with me before and she is not a fan.
I've asked her to decide on something, but she's at a loss because at this age, you can't just decide you want to try out for, say the basketball team without having the foundational skills established.
I've also thought about asking her if she wants to try kickboxing, karate, or cycling.  I'm sure we'll end up finding something to keep her moving.  She has also, in the past, mentioned that she would be interested in doing a triathlon with me.  I have to take some swimming courses this winter, so maybe she can do that with me, too.  Physical activity and mommy/daughter time.  Him...writing this out has helped me.  She is also in the midst of thinking of new things to try, so I'll wait to hear her ideas and then we can decide to together (I hope she likes the swimming idea!).
~ Blissfully Yours

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