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Monday, October 15, 2012

Her First Dance

My big girl went to her very first high school dance over the weekend (homecoming).  I cried. I'm a big baby about my baby.  She looked beautiful and more 16 than 14, I think that's what made me cry.  She really looked like a young lady instead of my little girl, and while it's exciting to see her blossom into her own, it's scary at the same time.

She went with a group of her girlfriends.  They went to dinner first, and then I took them to the dance.  I was a picture taking machine.  I made her take tons of pics before we left the house, then more when we picked up the other girls, then more outside and inside the restaurant before I left them to eat on their own.  When I picked them up, I of course had to take more pictures outside of the dance.

After she got home, we had a long talk about all the fun she had.  She told me that she danced alot...she even danced with a boy.

Here is a photo of my  young baby as she was heading out for her first dance.

~ Blissfully Yours


AMES said...

She is gorgeous. It's amazing how fast kids grow because when you posted a pic of her hair style, she had to be 11.

Delonda Parks-Burns said...

She is beautiful, I love the dress, and her hair. Wow, she is a big girl now, not a baby any more

Bliss said...

Thanks, ladies! Ames, I agree, it's like she grew up overnight. Let me tell you, I cherish every single moment.

Delonda, She will always be mommy's baby :).

Delonda Parks-Burns said...

I understand, I have boys and they will always be mommas boys!!!