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Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Ramblings

I'm looking for another master swim class, but I can't seem to find one in my area during the Fall.  That makes no sense to me. I understand that the tri season is over, but what about people training for next season?  Come on people...give me a master swim class.
All of our Friday nights are taken up by my daughter's volleyball games.  We haven't had one friday night date since marriage.  Speaking of marriage - yesterday made 2 months. yippie!
I think the weather has finally broke here in Texas.  I initially thought that a couple of weeks ago, but then somehow it went back up to 90.  The heat is now gone...see ya sucka! 
I have a huge interst in carpentry. I want to build and design furniture. I'm not interested in doing upholstery work, though.  I looked into taking a carpentry class and they are more expensive than I initially thought. I'm going to try to teach myself some things with the help of youtube.
I'm back to a mild addiction to television.  I hate that. And, I'm not quite sure how it happens.  However, I know that I'm wasting some precious hours staring at the boob tube, and it's time to stop.  I read somewhere a long time ago that if you spend a year studying a subject in place of your typical tv time, you'll become an expert.  I wonder how true that is.  Maybe I should do an experiment. hmmmm...
We had a realtor come look at the house a couple of months ago to give us an estimated listing price and some pointers on how to make sure we can list at the top of the spectrum for our area.  One of the things she mentioned was the backyard.  Right now, it is literally a blank canvas with grass.  She told us to plant some trees.  A plants guy told me that the best time to plant in Texas is in the Fall. Guess who is going tree shopping in a couple weeks? 
Speaking of realtors and such, we are starting the process of getting one of my husband's properties on the market. And, of course that means we have to do some minor improvements to maximize list price.  It's hard to agree to focus on improving a place we don't live in, when there are things we could do for the one in which we actually reside.
I never thought I'd say this at 32, but I'm ready to make my final move for a long while. I always thought I'd want to move every 2 to 3 years, but I actually have a desire to settle down in one place and let some roots develop. It's true - marriage and age changes you...for the better in my case.
I'm so happy I fell in love with a man who loves to travel.  Maybe that's why I'm comfortable with living in one place now because I know we'll always be going somewhere new.
My daughter's first homecoming dance is next week.  She was asked to go by a boy she knows.  This boy, she told me, typically always grabs her books for her when she's walking to classes and offers to do things for her.  She told me that she has only viewed him as a friend, but she realized he felt differently when he asked her. Apparently she could tell by the look on his face.  She turned down the offer to be his date for the dance. Why? Because he's shorter than she is.  She did, however, want me to know that he was cute, but that she just couldn't go with someone who was that much shorter than her.  She made him believe that I wouldn't allow her to go with a boy, and that she was going with a group of friends instead.  Teens, I tell ya.
That's it for now.
~ Blissfully Yours


Delonda Parks-Burns said...

I just want to congratulate you again on your marriage, I am extremely excited for you. I'm wondering how you feel when you say or even write the words.. "My Husband" isn't it exciting to say and/or write. When I first got married I use to have butterflies just saying it, so I know you might have the same feeling as I did. I can understand your daughter about the short, some girls or ladies do like a guy taller. lmbo for blaming it on you mom, that was so cute of her to do..I'm sorry for laughing, but that was funny!!!

Peace, Love , and Happiness!!

Anonymous said...

What a kind and considerate girl to use you as her excuse.
Carpentry sounds interesting.