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Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Literally...I'm about to talk about floors.
I really don't like my carpeted floors, especially not downstairs.  Everyone in the house, myself included, acts like they can't remember to remove shoes in the entry way or garage hall prior to entering the living room.  This leads to constant reoccuring stains, no matter how often we steam clean it...and believe me, we have steamed cleaned that carpet tons of times simply because I can't stand to see it a mess.
I've wanted hardwoods since I moved in, but never made it a financial priority; something else is always more important.  We have pretty much decided we're going to sell the house and buy something else, but even if we decide to stay, hardwood floors would only benefit the value of the home. Personally, I'd like hardwoods throughout the entire downstairs including the entryway and kitchen, but my lovely husband thinks we should keep tile in those areas and only add hardwoods to the living room.  From a cost perspecitve, he's right. From an asthetics perspecitve, I'm right.  He'll likely win.
Our next move is to determine what style of floor we like.  We've decided on real hardwood, not laminate or bamboo or another alternative. But, we haven't agreed on pattern, or wood tone.  Here are our 4 choices:

1. Cherry toned -  My husband likes this style, but the hint of red makes me feel like it will date itself very quickly.  I also feel like it's not nuetral enough for any decor that may be added to the room in the future.

 2. Multi Toned wood - This is my absolute favorite.  I love the stark contrasts in certain places, yet it feels so cohesive.  And, I could picture a variety of decor in this room with the floor either becoming a focal point, or fading in the background and complimenting everything around it.
 3. Dark Chocolate - I also like this, but not enough to put throughout the entire downstairs.  Our downstairs ceilings aren't extremely high and they don't have the beautiful peaks that are upstairs, so I think this dark color will really make it feel like a dungeon down there.
 4. Maple/Caramel - I really like these as well.  They are a bit on the plain and boring side, but that's what also adds to their nuetrality.  And, anything nuetral is good for resale value. 
No matter what we decide to get, it has to be something we both like in case we decide to stay longer than expected, and it also has to be something potential buyers will appreciate.
This home improvement thing never ends.  Next, is tackling the kitchen...we have standard builder's cabinets, so I'm ready to dress them up with some hardward and maybe even take out the wood inserts and replace them with glass.
~ Blissfully Yours


Serenity3-0 said...

I love #2! I do not plan to move out of my home anytime soon and as hard as I try to keep my carpet clean with little kids there is always a spill. I want carpet to remain in the bedrooms but I want the living and dining area switched out to wood. If only these things were free?!

ShellyShell said...

I love #2. Probably because I have! Mine are original to the prewar building in Iive in. I had them buffed and I love them. They go with everything. Be careful of #3. My friend has them and they are VERY dark. It's overwhelming when you walk in his house and he has a pretty big house.