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Sunday, September 23, 2012


Happy Sunday!

We had a grand plan of attending 9:15am service during football season, but we've failed at that every week thus far.  We must be getting pulled to the 11am service for a reason (other than us wanting to lounge around longer in the morning). 

So far my weekend was great, productive would be an even better word. We did some deep down cleaning and organization.  I relined shelving, organized the pantry and refridgerator, developed the week's meal plan, grocery shopped, and began a refurbishing project on our nightstands.  I felt like my perpetual to-do was finally almost complete.
Today we finalized our family constitution and met as a family to discuss it. The conversation was great, and I especially love that my daughter felt like her input was considered and, in some cases, implemented.
Last night, out of nowhere, my husband asked me to make him a cake.  He does have a sweet tooth, but something on television made him instantly crave cake. What kind? He didn't care, just cake.  So I told him I would. Today I went to the store to get the ingredients. He loves cookies and cream ice cream, so I figured I could infuse that flavor into a cake and make his day.  I've never made this cake, but I found a recipe and I know how to cook, so I don't suspect it will be difficult.
My husband isn't one to cook. He actually dislikes it. Not only that, he doesn't even like thinking about food. Whenever I ask what he wants for dinner, he typically says something like, "whatever you cook will make me happy."  I love that he's not picky and truly appreciates me cooking for him.
He knows I hate having to get gas for the car, so he handles that for me without me having to ask. 
I've been the head of my household since I was 19, and I had become very comfortable in doing things around the house for myself.  I've moved several times without movers, just myself and maybe a friend who helped me move big stuff. I've drilled, hammered, and assembled things, and made sure my car was maintenanced. I never really thought there was something I couldn't do, because I always knew I had to. Now that I'm married, I love that I don't "have" to do certain things. I have a husband who loves being a man and doing those things for our family.  It makes me so happy.
Don't know how I veered away from my weekend recap...but I think that's all for now.
~ Blissfully Yours

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Serenity3-0 said...

It is a wonderful thing to be independent and not "need" anyone to do anything for you. I'm happy to see that you have transitioned and allowed him to take over roles in the household. Me and EPL live together and I have trouble turning off my independence if that makes sense.