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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Improvement Steps

Have any of you read the Happiness Project? I have and it is a phenomenal book. I think the holidays are a perfect time to read it. One, for some reason I feel like I have more time to do things during the holidays because work is somewhat slow and everyone knows that it’s time to prepare.  The other reason is because the holidays lead up to a new year and what better time to inject improvement into your life than at the start of a new year? 
The author of the book also hosts a blog (  Earlier this week she posed a question on that blog. One that made me stop and reflect for about 30 minutes.
If you could make significant progress in one area of your life by year’s end, what area would you choose?”
I immediately started rattling off areas of my life, but then remembered that the question asked for one specific area.  That was the start of the 30 minute reflection.  There are so many areas for me to improve upon – exercising, Spiritual life, domestic duties, work dedication, daughter duties, and on and on.  All of these areas are important, but I am still trying to figure out which is the most. It should be spiritual life…I know that, but for some reason I’m torn between that and exercising.
I’m going to think on this some more, come up with my answer, and start working to improve by year’s end.
I love people, books, blogs, etc that challenge others to reflect and be better.

 So, can you answer this question? ““If you could make significant progress in one area of your life by year’s end, what area would you choose?”
~ Blissfully Yours


AMES said...

I would choose obeying what my spirit directs me to do, when directed. Every problem I have to dig out of occurs when I ignore that voice.
Obeying my inner voice is actually my current promise to myself. I know it will improve every part of my life.

LadyLee said...

Aww man... I was over at OneWoman's blog and I see you have a new one. Why didn't you tell me? LOL.

I need improvement in just being consistent in every area of my life. Every area. It is hard to think about just one area.

But what AMES said above looks to be key and central. Really.

Good to see you blogging. Now i can come over here and bother you, lol.

Bliss said...

Lee - Hey! I thought I stopped by and left a comment telling you I had "moved." I'm glad you found me anyway.

I agree with you, every area needs some improvement over here as well, but instead of pretending like I'm going to address everything and eventually not addressing anything with success, I'm going to try to focus on one for the rest of the year to make progress in at least one important area of my life. In a few months, I'll tackle another, and then eventually I'll get back to multitasking improvements. The process has to start someplace.

Serenity3-0 said...

I also know that my answer should be spiritual, but it's actually financial. And now I will check out this happiness project blog.