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Tuesday, September 25, 2012


My daughter got up this morning and made breakfast for the family in honor of my husband’s birthday.  His birthday isn’t actually until tomorrow, but he and I will be away to celebrate, so we did it as a family this morning.

My husband is a city man. He was raised in a major east coast city, but as he’s gotten older, he has expressed a desire to explore his “country” side (that’s what he calls it).  He has gone camping once and absolutely fell in love, now he keeps begging me to go.  I’m not the sleep outside kind of woman, but I love the outdoors. 

Every year he celebrates his birthday by waking up in a new place and exploring the area.  So, this year one of my gifts to him is a trip to a place he has never been, where we will be in a secluded cabin with a private fishing pond, a bigger nearby lake and plenty of hiking trails.  He is over the moon excited.  I’m happy we’ll have the camping/living off the land feeling with the comforts of sleeping indoors when the time comes.

Another of his gifts was all the fishing gear to get him started.  He’s been talking about wanting to become an avid fisherman since I met him.  It’s funny because knowing my husband you’d never expect him to say such a thing.  As a wedding gift, I got him an awesome fishing pole (one, because he always talked about it and two, I am his best “catch”, and I look forward to us catching our dreams together for the rest of our lives).

I even bought him one of those corny fisherman hats, which he has promised to wear everywhere, much to my daughter’s and my dismay. 

I hope we catch tons of bass and catfish to enjoy, but more than that I’m so happy and excited for us to be spending his first birthday together as husband and wife.  I'm just looking forward to all of the firsts we'll be celebrating, and then the seconds, and thirds, and a fourths, and
~ Blissfully Yours


Ginae said...

:) aw...i love how much you are enjoying married life and embracing it in so many ways. what a nice gift to give your hubby.

Bliss said...

Hey! Thanks, girl. It's a fun ride so far.