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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Day 38

We are adjusting to married life pretty well, I think. Sometimes I break out into a mega smile when I think about being married to my husband. I get as giddy as a teenaged girl in love for the first time. I pray this feeling stays forever, even when he gets on my

One of the interesting things I'm still getting used to is consulting with someone else. For example this weekend I wanted to buy a new juicer, one that is pretty pricey and I causally mentioned it to my husband who diplomatically reminded me that we have to discuss and agree on pricey purchases.  He's right. I know he is. So, how did I forget that?  Because I've only been married for 38 days and well, I'm still growing into my role. FYI, we agreed on the new juicer and I love it!

I will say's been a boat load of fun so far. I think many of our premarital conversations really helped us in some areas that could have been difficult to navigate. 

I am so impressed by My husband as well. He was a single man for 30 odd years with no kids and his own preference for doing things his way.  You could hardly tell, though. He is selfless and caring and has really jumped into being a great dad to "our" daughter. I quoted the word our because I've made the mistake on at least 3 occassions of calling her my daughter and he hates it and corrects me.

When I think just how different my life was this time last year, I can only smile at God. Just last August I met my husband and quickly felt like he was the man designed to be my husband, but I couldn't hardly imagine that six months later he'd propose and shortly after we'd be married.  It is true that we can plan and plan and plan, but God has the ultimate plan.

So, though an odd day to celebrate, Happy 38th Day Anniversary to me and the Mister!

~ Blissfully Yours

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AMES said...

Beautiful! Your joy oozes through your words.