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Tuesday, September 25, 2012


My daughter got up this morning and made breakfast for the family in honor of my husband’s birthday.  His birthday isn’t actually until tomorrow, but he and I will be away to celebrate, so we did it as a family this morning.

My husband is a city man. He was raised in a major east coast city, but as he’s gotten older, he has expressed a desire to explore his “country” side (that’s what he calls it).  He has gone camping once and absolutely fell in love, now he keeps begging me to go.  I’m not the sleep outside kind of woman, but I love the outdoors. 

Every year he celebrates his birthday by waking up in a new place and exploring the area.  So, this year one of my gifts to him is a trip to a place he has never been, where we will be in a secluded cabin with a private fishing pond, a bigger nearby lake and plenty of hiking trails.  He is over the moon excited.  I’m happy we’ll have the camping/living off the land feeling with the comforts of sleeping indoors when the time comes.

Another of his gifts was all the fishing gear to get him started.  He’s been talking about wanting to become an avid fisherman since I met him.  It’s funny because knowing my husband you’d never expect him to say such a thing.  As a wedding gift, I got him an awesome fishing pole (one, because he always talked about it and two, I am his best “catch”, and I look forward to us catching our dreams together for the rest of our lives).

I even bought him one of those corny fisherman hats, which he has promised to wear everywhere, much to my daughter’s and my dismay. 

I hope we catch tons of bass and catfish to enjoy, but more than that I’m so happy and excited for us to be spending his first birthday together as husband and wife.  I'm just looking forward to all of the firsts we'll be celebrating, and then the seconds, and thirds, and a fourths, and
~ Blissfully Yours

Sunday, September 23, 2012


Happy Sunday!

We had a grand plan of attending 9:15am service during football season, but we've failed at that every week thus far.  We must be getting pulled to the 11am service for a reason (other than us wanting to lounge around longer in the morning). 

So far my weekend was great, productive would be an even better word. We did some deep down cleaning and organization.  I relined shelving, organized the pantry and refridgerator, developed the week's meal plan, grocery shopped, and began a refurbishing project on our nightstands.  I felt like my perpetual to-do was finally almost complete.
Today we finalized our family constitution and met as a family to discuss it. The conversation was great, and I especially love that my daughter felt like her input was considered and, in some cases, implemented.
Last night, out of nowhere, my husband asked me to make him a cake.  He does have a sweet tooth, but something on television made him instantly crave cake. What kind? He didn't care, just cake.  So I told him I would. Today I went to the store to get the ingredients. He loves cookies and cream ice cream, so I figured I could infuse that flavor into a cake and make his day.  I've never made this cake, but I found a recipe and I know how to cook, so I don't suspect it will be difficult.
My husband isn't one to cook. He actually dislikes it. Not only that, he doesn't even like thinking about food. Whenever I ask what he wants for dinner, he typically says something like, "whatever you cook will make me happy."  I love that he's not picky and truly appreciates me cooking for him.
He knows I hate having to get gas for the car, so he handles that for me without me having to ask. 
I've been the head of my household since I was 19, and I had become very comfortable in doing things around the house for myself.  I've moved several times without movers, just myself and maybe a friend who helped me move big stuff. I've drilled, hammered, and assembled things, and made sure my car was maintenanced. I never really thought there was something I couldn't do, because I always knew I had to. Now that I'm married, I love that I don't "have" to do certain things. I have a husband who loves being a man and doing those things for our family.  It makes me so happy.
Don't know how I veered away from my weekend recap...but I think that's all for now.
~ Blissfully Yours

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Improvement Steps

Have any of you read the Happiness Project? I have and it is a phenomenal book. I think the holidays are a perfect time to read it. One, for some reason I feel like I have more time to do things during the holidays because work is somewhat slow and everyone knows that it’s time to prepare.  The other reason is because the holidays lead up to a new year and what better time to inject improvement into your life than at the start of a new year? 
The author of the book also hosts a blog (  Earlier this week she posed a question on that blog. One that made me stop and reflect for about 30 minutes.
If you could make significant progress in one area of your life by year’s end, what area would you choose?”
I immediately started rattling off areas of my life, but then remembered that the question asked for one specific area.  That was the start of the 30 minute reflection.  There are so many areas for me to improve upon – exercising, Spiritual life, domestic duties, work dedication, daughter duties, and on and on.  All of these areas are important, but I am still trying to figure out which is the most. It should be spiritual life…I know that, but for some reason I’m torn between that and exercising.
I’m going to think on this some more, come up with my answer, and start working to improve by year’s end.
I love people, books, blogs, etc that challenge others to reflect and be better.

 So, can you answer this question? ““If you could make significant progress in one area of your life by year’s end, what area would you choose?”
~ Blissfully Yours

Monday, September 17, 2012

Weekend Recap

My husband and I had our first couple date this weekend. This is one that I set up with a woman I work with.  She and her husband have been married just over a year and we are all pretty similar in age.  We decided to go bowling so we could have activity with the ability to still hold conversations.

My husband is a sports guy.  Let me clarify, he’s a football guy.  His number one criteria for determining if he can even like another guy is whether or not the guy likes football. The second is making sure he is not a cowboys fan. LOL. Luckily both were true of my coworkers husband.  
We chatted about tons of things like kids, relocation, church, and marriage networks.  I’m excited to go out with this couple again. And, I hope we make even more couple friends.

My daughter also had a volleyball tournament this weekend. The same was true last weekend.  High school volleyball reminds me more of club volleyball – there is a tourney just about every weekend, practice is for 3 hours a day, and two normal games during the week.  This sport is not for the faint of heart or disorganized. I am proud of the way my daughter is balances her academics with her love of vball.
On Sunday, my husband and I had the house to ourselves and we decided to stay in and be complete lazy bones.  We didn’t even leave to go to church.  It was enjoyable. I love just being in his company doing absolutely nothing.  We even split up for a portion of the day as I was watching the history channel in one room and he was being hypnotized by football in another.  

Overall, it was a great weekend.  I love these moments.  My family and the simply pleasure they give me are priceless. I’m a blessed woman.  

How was your weekend??
~ Blissfully Yours

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Day 38

We are adjusting to married life pretty well, I think. Sometimes I break out into a mega smile when I think about being married to my husband. I get as giddy as a teenaged girl in love for the first time. I pray this feeling stays forever, even when he gets on my

One of the interesting things I'm still getting used to is consulting with someone else. For example this weekend I wanted to buy a new juicer, one that is pretty pricey and I causally mentioned it to my husband who diplomatically reminded me that we have to discuss and agree on pricey purchases.  He's right. I know he is. So, how did I forget that?  Because I've only been married for 38 days and well, I'm still growing into my role. FYI, we agreed on the new juicer and I love it!

I will say's been a boat load of fun so far. I think many of our premarital conversations really helped us in some areas that could have been difficult to navigate. 

I am so impressed by My husband as well. He was a single man for 30 odd years with no kids and his own preference for doing things his way.  You could hardly tell, though. He is selfless and caring and has really jumped into being a great dad to "our" daughter. I quoted the word our because I've made the mistake on at least 3 occassions of calling her my daughter and he hates it and corrects me.

When I think just how different my life was this time last year, I can only smile at God. Just last August I met my husband and quickly felt like he was the man designed to be my husband, but I couldn't hardly imagine that six months later he'd propose and shortly after we'd be married.  It is true that we can plan and plan and plan, but God has the ultimate plan.

So, though an odd day to celebrate, Happy 38th Day Anniversary to me and the Mister!

~ Blissfully Yours

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Impending Launch

My business launch date is less than 30 days now, and I still have things to finalize.  My website is nearly complete, with only minor tweaks left to be made.  My logo is another story.  My logo designer hasn’t responded to me in over 6 days, which makes me want to send a strongly worded email excusing him from his services.  I’m trying to play it cool, instead. Maybe he has something so spectacular in the works that he needs more time.

I sent him three designs I liked and sketched out something that was floating around in my head. He has only sent me designs based off what I came up with, but I specifically told him I wanted to see other things too. I need options before I make this decision.

So until I have my final logo, I can’t send my business cards to print, or print out my packages on my official stationary.

In the meantime, I’m going to work on finalizing all the materials that need to be printed out, and reaching out to some people for some partnership opportunities on a couple of projects.

I’ve gotten my EIN number from the IRS, which is basically your business’s social security number. Since I’m a sole proprietorship just starting out I didn’t have to move forward with the business step, but I want to start out completely legitimate and I don’t want to use my personal ssn for business purposes.

I’m also finalizing my marketing strategy and going to set up my business bank account this week.  Oh yeah…it’s exciting times over here in the business start up world, lol.

Seriously, though, I’m excited and looking forward to October 1, 2012, when I officially launch my newest baby!

~ Blissfully Yours

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Our Wedding Album

Photo books are the perfect gift for any occasion.
I wanted to share our photo album because, well, I love it and want to show everyone, lol.