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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Wedding Step

Well, it’s official…I’m a married woman now. I’m giddy, happy, excited, and anxious.  It just feels so good to be joined with my Husband. I hope we always feel this way.

The wedding went wonderfully, too! Everything went according to plan and we danced our booties off at the reception.  I had so much fun and from the looks of it all of the guests did as well.  The food was even great, and wedding food is never great.

Back to the ceremony, it went by way too fast for my liking. I had heard that it goes by quickly, but I thought for sure time would move slowly for my special day…not so much.  My favorite part of the ceremony was when we said our personal vows. My husband’s vows were so heartfelt, yet practical – a perfect description of him. My vows brought me to tears…and snot. Yes, snot was uncontrollably running down my nose as I was crying and saying my vows. I was so overwhelmed with emotion for the moment, yet slightly terrified that snot was running down the bottom half of my face.  It’s funny to think about it now.

Before all of that, though, my breath was taken away when I heard the start of my Bridal March. We hired a professional trumpeteer who played the most beautiful introduction to the Bridal March.  I remember when I heard the music I looked at my uncle, who walked me down the aisle, and told him that I just want to always be a good wife.  He assured me that I would be.

My daughter was even a part of the ceremony.  While my husband and I were doing the Sand ceremony, my daughter read the significance of the ritual.  I felt so good that she had a stand out role in the day.

We only had one reading and that was given by one of my new nieces. She read a passage I selected from one of my favorite books – The Alchemist.  When I look back at the video, I simply adore that part of the ceremony as well.

After we were pronounced husband and wife and got our kiss on, we jumped the broom and jetted out of the church to the sound of the classic wedding recessional and our guests ringing bells.  It was a beautiful sound to match a beautiful feeling.

We, and the bridal party, headed off for photography while our guests went to cocktail hour at the nearby reception site.   I so wish I could have made it to cocktail hour…I heard people had a blast. I like being a part of blasts, haha.

The reception was a blast from the time we entered to “It Takes Two” by Rob Bass until we made our final exit.  Backing up to the entrance…we did a cute little dance when we entered, but then went straight into our real first dance.  We did a self chorographed routine to Ray Charles’ version of “Come Rain or Come Shine.”  The crowd went wild and we were mesmerized with each other the entire time.  We couldn’t have planned it better than reality unfolded it.

But before the ceremony or reception, I got a little treat when I went back to the hotel to change before heading to the rehearsal and dinner the night before the wedding. Alicia Keys, Swiss Beats, and Dr. J were all staying in my hotel. I only got an opportunity to ask Alicia for a picture, though.  She was so gracious and kind to agree. Btw, she is tiny in person. For some reason on television she looks curvy to me, but in person she was short and tiny. I just love her voice!

On to the honeymoon.  We flew off to Turks and Caicos the next morning and had a blast. Let’s just say the water is unmatched, the people are pleasant, the private beach experience is a must do, and operation baby is in full effect.  It was a great week to spend with just my honey and I after a stressful wedding planning process. I never thought I’d say this, but it was all worth it!

This new marriage step has me all kinds of excited! As my husband said in his vows, we will now be forever known as The A Team.  That makes me so happy!

~ Blissfully Yours

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This One Woman said...

This is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Thank for stopping by my spot and leaving a comment b/c I thought you had stopped blogging. Im loving reading about your new life. CONGRATS!!!!