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Monday, August 20, 2012

Spiritual Steps

Yesterday was our first attendance at church as a married couple.  It felt great to finally be back and settled in.  Since we had missed the past 3 weekends due to travel, I had no idea what was in store for Sunday.  Well, to my surprise and pleasure there was a guest pastor set to deliver the message. It turned out to be my pastor from California. On my old blog I talked about this man and how being under his leadership really helped me change as a person.  I had some great spiritual breakthroughs while attending his church and listening to his words.  And, then when I moved to Texas, he and the church were rocked with scandal.  Until that time, I didn’t understand how a congregation can become so tied to the man that delivers the message every week.  The news really did shake me.  I was deeply saddened.

When I met my husband, in one of our early conversations I was telling him about my California church and pastor and it turned out that he had a connection with him as well.  They are both from Philadelphia were apart of sister churches.  It’s a small world.

Anyway, back to Sunday. When my former pastor was announced, I was delighted. Like I think I made loud noises and clapped uncontrollably, lol. My husband was excited too. It turns out that my current pastor and his wife have been mentored by him for years. Again, it’s a small world.

He delivered the message from II Corinthians 4:8, and focused on reminding people that once down, doesn’t mean you are out. At some point he even spoke about things getting so dark when you’re catching it from every angle - your friends, family, workplace, etc.  He went on to talk about believing what people show you about themselves and how they feel about you.  This really hit home because I just ended two 18 year relationships after my wedding. I had to stop focusing on the number of years we called each other friend and start looking at actions; especially actions during milestone moments.  I was already at peace with my decision to end those relationships, but his sermon provided any confirmation I may have needed.

Sitting there and listening to the message made me really miss my growth under his leadership.  I’m so thirsty for that same zest I had for my spiritual growth. On every side, I am experiencing a new chapter in my life, and I don’t think my spiritual life should be any different. It’s time for me to make the next step and get re-engerized in the Lord!

~ Blissfully Yours


Ginae said...

I hear you on the friend thing..I too made up my mind to end a 20 year friendship. I didn't really tell the person I just sort of quit talking to them. They keep calling me and I don't really know what to say without hurting their feelings. If I tell them the truth I know I will do just that. Oh well....

It's so great though when you have a hard decision to make and God gives you confirmation that you did the right thing.

You are so is a small world...

I'm so excited for your new chapter in life....

Bliss said...

Ginae - I had to tell them. Not in a nasty way, but in a very real way to me. I explained what I would and would not accept in my life anymore. Maybe egos were bruised, but I was polite, honest, and most of all tactful. Though the friendship is over, I think after 20 years you should at least tell her why. It may actually help her in the long run.

Yes, I too love God's the old folks say, "Ain't He good!"