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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Mommy Moments

Over the past several months it’s been almost all about wedding planning, but during that time I made sure I didn’t neglect my daughter or make her feel like she was being pushed aside. I allowed her to help me make final decisions on some things and she always gave an opinion.

I also had continuous talks with her about how my love for her will always be the same and how we will still get our moments alone for mommy/daughter time. The fact that she has had me all to herself, and vice versa for 14 years, I just wanted to make sure she was okay in this process. I know that despite how much she likes my husband, she could possibly mourn our family of two.

Luckily, she was and is absolutely fine. She likes that we’ve gone from a family of two to four (that includes the dog, lol). And, she’s enjoying bonding with my husband more and more. They have their own precious moments and it makes me so happy.

In other great news, my baby is starting high school in a few weeks.  It’s great news because it’s amazing to see how much she has grown and I know without a doubt that she is ready.  However, there is the side of me that feels a little sad for this new milestone.  Her starting high school means we only have 4 years left with her living at home before she goes off to college. It just seems like 18 years with your child in the home isn’t enough.  I guess that's why so many parents are allowing their kids to move back after college.  At any rate, she is well prepared and I know she’s going to rock it.

She also just went through volleyball tryouts with her high school and made it!  I’m so proud of her on every level.  I admire her dedication to things…I grew into mine, but she just has it.

I know parents with kids of all ages agree that the time flies, but seeing a teenaged high schooler just makes it that much more true. I just want to slow down time and soak up every minute with her.

~ Blissfully Yours

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This One Woman said...

High school?!?! Oh my!! You marvel at her but she is the young lady you are raising her to be :)