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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Career Love Limbo

The love I once had for my current position has faded. The feelings of glee and excitement have slowly diminished over the past year, but really picked up over the past few months. Some of it is environmental – things and people have changed. Some of it is me – I am growing and changing.

A part of me wants to try a career change, and then another part of me thinks I just need to try a new company. Either way, the fact is that I am not happy where I am anymore.

I’m typically enthusiastic about change, I welcome it, feed it, and invite it to stay the night, but I’m starting to get a bit nervous at the thought of walking away from this company and or this career for a while.

My husband and I have already discussed me exiting the workforce, as I currently know it, once we have kids. I want to enjoy them for those first years before I’m back on the daily grind. But what about now?

I am currently in the process of starting a home-based business. It’s just something for me to do on the side. I’m very excited about it, and honestly I’m hoping that it will only take a year for me to transition it into something full-time.  But, again, what about now?

Well, for now the only remedy I can think of is to look for other positions outside of my current company. I’ve been on this quest for some time, though, and no luck…yet. I’m going to keep the search alive, and in the meantime hope my enthusiasm for my current situation returns.  This is the first time in my entire career where I have had no motivation or desire to walk into work. That’s a terrible, terrible feeling. 

I have heard of people like that, but never thought it would be me. In fact, I used to think if I ever started having those feelings, I simply walk away…because we all know that life is too short to be somewhere that is not growing you, but rather stifling you and making you miserable. Easier said than done.

For now, I’ll keep looking, while trying to appreciate this step in time.

~ Blissfully Yours

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Ginae said...

I can't wait for you to have more babies! So what type of side business are you doing? Did you rent out your house? Its so funny how you got rid of your dog and then ended up with one
what kind of new career .are you thinking about? You love the field your in don't you? I think you should run for senate! Lol....